A few tips for today to help you get sales [26th April 2022]

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Today I am going to post a tip that I honestly did not think I would ever need to post, but it looks like I need to for some.

One lady has posted as she is leaving/left MC and has lots of excuses why she is not doing well. I had a look at her site and it only has a few vids, and all the same. And they look dreadful (but of course she knows it all and is an expert and claims to be a top model - it made e chuckle).

So lets talk about content.

(1) Do not do the same shoot

This lady had almost every vid of her sat in a chair using a toy. It looked like it was shot on a webcam.

You need variety.

Not all shoots need to be even putting things in you, do a shoot having a bath or shower, or walking outside topless or nude.

Even if you do toy shoots, do them in different rooms.

If all your vids are the same, the chances are people will not join, or not stay members long.


  • (2) Position your camera

    If your shooting yourself, find a good position for your camera.

    And possibly change the position for each shoot.

    The vids the lady had on her site all looked to be shot on a webcam in the same position. 

    If you use a webcam, try not to use the one built in your computer, buy a separate one. The quality will soooooo much better.

    If you use a webcam, you can simply get a long usb lead to plug it in, and this way it lets you place it where you want. I suggest get two leads in case you break one, they are so cheap to buy, and it makes life easer having spares of things.

    If you cannot afford lights (they are very cheap these days on Amazon) shoot during the day, rather than night as it may give you a nasty yellow light with your house lights. During the day you may get nicer light.

    If you shoot on a mobile phone, then place it on a stand.

    The above is if your shooting yourself.

    However, if you have someone shooting you, make sure they know what they are doing. Otherwise you may have shaky content and the camera pointing all over.
  • (3) Sound

    Sound is important.

    One advantage of recording directly to digital storage is no buzz of tapes. If I was posting 15 years ago when we were using DV tapes I would have said do not ever use the built in mic, as the sound was dreadful.

    Today the sound from most devises is decent.

    But you may want to consider connecting a mic to your phone or camera for a bit better quality.

    If your close to the camera you can probably get away with not worrying too much about sound, but if you plan on not being close, use a mic close to you and mix sound with vid. Otherwise further you get from the mic, the worst you will sound.
  • (4) Pics and Vid

    Personally I would take some pics at each shoot.

    Big sites seem to not always do this, though they seem to take screen grabs from the films. When your shooting on 8k 100k cameras, the screen grabs look good.

    You can do screen grabs too, but often it is easer to take some pics, even if you just use your camera phone.

    One reason I would have pics is because you can use them for your fhg. If you do not want your nude or topless pics being used, take at least 15 pics non nude, and enter these as a fhg.
  • (5 -  bonus tip) Props are fun

    One thing I would suggest is get props.

    You can get things cheap or free too.

    For instance at Halloween, you may find your supermarket sells silly items. These can be great for shoots. One year the local supermarket sold a skull that lights up. I ended up buying 5 as several models wanted them for shoots. 

    You can customise things too. 

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