Why it is foolish to leave Model Centro

This is a reply to 'How to Leave Model Centro and Keep Your Fans, Videos, and Video Descriptions'.

Let me explain why this person who posted this is making a huge mistake in leaving.

(1) She posted that the reason her fans have left is because they could not search her vids.

It is most unlikely her fans left because of a problem with searching. It is more likely they have seen what they want and left.

People do not stay for life, they may stay a month to a few months, see what they want then move on to a new model.

I had a look at her site and from the tour all the vids look the same and look dull to be honest.

the site is just lots of vids all the same. And the model is nothing special. As such it is understandable people will leave after a few vids. It just looks like the model is sat on a chair with a toy in almost every vid.

(2) She then talks about 'keeping your members/videos/etc' when moving.

This shows how limited understanding this model has, and why you should take no notice of her drivel.

You cannot take members with you.

While you can email your members, it is unlikely most will join your new site. Most will have seen what they wanted. Others may try to join but cannot (different payment systems have a degree of blocking some customers).

So all those re-bills she had one suspects many will have gone.

Indeed one suspects she will have thrown away lots of paying customers. Some who may have rebilled for months or years, she has thrown them away.

(3) If you have webmasters promote your site.

One suspects they will not promote you if you move as they will see you as messing them about. Worst still is if they have sent you sales, and you move your site, then they will be missing out on the rebills.


Now I know my advise is t have lots of vids. However do something different on them. Having lots of vids as she has of the same thing is boring.

It also does not look like she has that many vids. So if that is what was on her MC site, then, people would see what they want in a day then leave.

It is also worth noting that while she has 14k of followers on twitter, that she gets no more than 1 or 2 replies to her tweets. For someone who claims to have fans, they do not seem interested in her.

Over the years I have seen a few models leave MC, convinced people do not join or stay long is nothing to do with the content they make but because MC has not done xy and z. Yet, often once they move, they do not last long as they get no sales.


  • By the way, this model, must have the worst domain name I have ever seen. In fact rather than being a name, it is almost a book. It has I think 17 letters in it (not including the .com).

    Good luck asking people to type that long sentence in.
  • This is so hallariously petty. Thank you I needed a good laugh. 
  • AlexLady said:
    This is so hallariously petty. Thank you I needed a good laugh. 
    Feel free to correct any points you feel I made are wrong.

    Do you disagree that the site you have has not a lot of vids and they are basically all the same, rather dull, sat on a chair with a toy, yet you seem to believe people left your site because they could not search through your few vids for something different.

    My post was to warn people the danger of moving to a new system, from someone who clearly has little understanding of what they are doing (yet I suspect will accept zero criticism and believes what they are doing is great).

    The fact that your domain for your pay site is almost as long as the bible, shows that your not someone who has a great idea in what they are doing.

    However, why are you still posting or reading these posts on this forum. I thought you had left. I presume that your new system was so great you would have no time to post now.

    One thing that is clear is the site you have looks dreadful and not a good as one done on MC. I also wonder if your new system has an affiliate system. I say that because I get a ton of sales via affiliates. 

    By the way, am I wrong that when you post on your twitter to 14k of followers, most tweets have 1 reply. That would worry me a lot, as even with 100 fans I would expect a better response. One reply shows no one is interested in what your posting.

    In truth I could help you, but I suspect you believe you know it all and think what your doing is wonderful.

    But good luck.

    One thing it has been helpful as I have used your pay site as an example of what not to do.

  • AlexLady said:
    This is so hallariously petty. Thank you I needed a good laugh. 
    By the way, the fact you believe my post was 'petty' shows why you fail to understand basic marketing, and why you will not get the sales you could.

    The fact you do not understand that all the vids you make are basically the same, should not make you laugh but should make you worried.

    However I suspect you will carry on regardless, as you know it all.

    But as I say, your dreadful domain name of your pay site shows your failing to understand anything. Your domain is the number one thing you should get correct before anything. I have never seen a paysite in the last 20 years that is as long as yours. The fact this basis thing, that most people would understand, shows you know very little.

  • edited April 2022
    By the way, someone posted about hosting and running there site.

    Consider this.

    You will need a dedicated server, and one with a LOT of storage and speed and power, to store your vids (especially 4k).

    Then you need billing (often sending in LOTS of docs), and they still take a % of sales, and you may have to pay them $700 or so upfront.

    Then you need password protection, or people will join and sell there passwords on forums.

    You will need your site designing, and that is about $1000 or more.

    Then you need some systems to prevent your vids and pics stolen.

    Then you may need software to convert your vids to small files for those on slower internet.

    Then you need to have the software to run your sites, unless you know how to code.

    Next you need to have software to prevent hacking.

    Next you need to have software to prevent people stealing your customers details, as if this gets out, it could cost you thousands if not millions in damages.

    Next you will need to run your own affiliate system, and keep this up-to-date.

    So good luck doing all that (I used to, and would never go back to that again). 

    If you have ever run your own system, you will understand why MC is so great.

  • I love how much you seem to care about me replying. 
  • AlexLady said:
    I love how much you seem to care about me replying. 
    I don't.

    Not sure why you think that.

    You seem to live in a fantasy world where your a top porn star with millions of fans.

  • AlexLady said:
    This is so hallariously petty. Thank you I needed a good laugh. 

    Same! haha

    *The saddest thing is this bloke wasted literally hours of his life typing all that drivel & crap... For free! ;D

    Which no-one even bothered to read in full, let alone take seriously.
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