A few tips for today to help you get sales [25th April 2022]

A few recent posts from me:


(1) Do your market research.

It is tempting to rush into things, and mess up. But before you start a site, look at other sites and see what works.

(2) Never believe you know it all.

I have been doing this for over 20 years, yet I am leaning all the time.

(3) Be open to criticisms

If your the type that replies to criticisms by defending what you do, and claim you know it all, then in time you will fail.

I have often seen people who run porn sites who are not experienced get upset because someone who is an expert, tries to help them with advice and they go into full blown defence mode, claiming they are correct and the expert is wrong.

This applies to all businesses, not just porn.

One example was someone had a site with decent content, but was doing silly things to in fact stop getting sales. The person running the site claimed they knew best. The site looks to now be gone.

(4) Keep your site clean

I have seen some MC sites clogged up with rubbish. 

MC offers you lots of options to add to your site, but these can make it look messy.

Personally I would just keep it to the - calendar - videos - photos - tip me - about me

You want people to join your site and not spend time looking around, I personally would not even use the blog system

The more you add, the more it looks confusing and a bit messy.

Most big sites have often no more than a tour, and a join page. 

(5) Make your MC site easy on the eye

I have seen some people use horrid text or colours, that honestly makes me leave the site.

Keep things nice and simple.


  • (6) Use a separate blog

    Personally while it is nice MC provide a blog function on your site, I personally would not use it.

    To me it just makes your site look messy.

    The idea of a blog is to feed people to your site, and once on your site you want people to join, and not spend time reading stuff. Your content should be enough to make people want to join.

    But a separate blog should be used as your 'HUB'.

    Don't use a free host one, unless you have zero cash.

    Purchase a nice domain name, and hosting should be cheap. You do not need a dedicated server, just a shared host that dos wp (word press).

    You can install wp with ease though I suspect almost all hosts now will have a simple auto option that will do it for you. It is very very very easy to install and use.

    Before you start, find a theme you like (most are free and you can change them as often as you want with one click).

    Personally I would not post anything topless or nude, but this is up to you. My belief is, if someone sees you nude, then they will not join your site, and all your traffic is people looking for free nude pics who have zero intention in joining your site.

    However others will say posting nude pics works for them, and to me this is something you need to work out what is the best option for you.

    One way to get traffic to your blog is to exchange links with others.

    Use your blog to link to your other things such as twitter and your webcam and so on.

    While it is tempting to add links on your MC pay site, personally I would not, important if you want affiliates. If you link to sites on your site, then this is known at traffic leaks and affiliates will be unlikely to promote your site, and worst still will go on webmaster forums saying your trying to scam affiliates. The only external inks you should have is to your twitter account (though some affiliates may still see this as a traffic leak.

  • (7) Do not fear to fail

    One thing that stops people trying anything, is they fear they may fail.

    An example is I am dyslexic, and did a degree. Yet most from school did not do a degree as they feared they would fail.

    Personally I fear not trying.

    The thing is, you will make mistakes.

    And you may even fail.

    But this is not a bad thing, as long as you learn from your mistakes.

    It may take you a few goes at doing your site until you get things correct.

    And this is how most people who have made it in business have done. Many will if you look at what they have done fail at the first projects, but they learn. They are happy to accept defeat and not carry on simply hoping.

    So if you set up an MC site, and it does not bring in lots of sales. Do not worry. Work out what is wrong and correct.

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    (8) It is cheaper to get pro gear than a top end iphone.

    If your going to get gear, invest in a decent gear, as in the long run it will save you money.

    Put it this way, a high end iphone will be about £1000, but more for decent storage.

    A pro camera body will be about the same. Though you will need a decent lens.

    But this kit will last you much longer.

    For instance your iphone may after a year or so battery not last too long, and you may find it does not have enough storage.

    A pro kit, you can buy lots of batteries and have lots of cards for storage.

    The lenses you buy may last you all your time.

    Plus you may get a lot better footage from the pro gear.

    This is not to say you cannot shoot with an iphone. You can. And as long as you know what you are doing you can get great content from one (or indeed any mobile phone). However you may find battery and storage a problem.

  • (9) If you webcam, use an external webcam

    Most webcams built into a laptop tend to suck.

    Buy a decent webcam, and you will notice the difference.

    If you buy a usb extender lead you can place the webcam wherever you want.

    For instance you can place it on a stand and it will have the feel as if it is being shot professionally in a studio.

    I post this as some may shoot content via a webcam.

  • (10) Content is king

    I will repeat this point.

    The better the content and the amount you have will make a difference in both sales and how long members stay.

    We have seen someone leave as she claims people do not stay is because of a search function on her site. I had a look at the site she has moved to and where she has uploaded her vids to. (a) Not a lot of vids, (b) all vids looked boring and the same - all sat in a chair with a toy, (c) vids looked badly shot, (d) dreadful domain name,  (e) looks as sexy as dishwater. It is clear people do not stay not because of a search function, but because of the bland content. 

    But I have also in the past seen people who have moaned they have not got sales. And when I went to the site it had 3 vids on it.

    This may mean you have to put in months of shoots, possibly a year or two before you start to see decent sales. But those who look long term, will be rewarded.

    I see many who put up a few vids, then quit because they expected to make millions.

    If you want sales, you need decent content, and a decent amount of content.

    That said, you may be lucky. You may get sales with a single vid, but I suspect most people will not.
  • By the way, I also posted this for some things I think MC should do:

  • (11) Post content regular

    I have posted this before.

    But it is important to post if you can at least once a month, if not weekly.

    I have seen sites that have not been updated for months, yet the owner wonders why they are not getting sales.

    It is because often the site looks dead.

    This is worse for a solo model, as she/he is doing there own content, so it simply looks like they have given up.

  • (12 - bonus thought) Do not just post porn

    I call this a bonus post because it will not apply to everyone.

    But if I was a solo model, I may think about posting pics/or and vids from time to time of possibly days out.

    For instance if you have a day out such as a park, take a few pics of the plants, or what you are having for dinner, or something like that.

    It makes your site a bit more personal.

    Of course if you can take a few pics or vids of you flashing a boob or lifting your dress, on your days out.

    But do not post pics/vids of people on your trips as they may not want to be on a porn site.
  • Thank you for the good tips.
    How can i disable my blog? (Infinity Layout)
  • Thank you for the good tips.
    How can i disable my blog? (Infinity Layout)
    Just click on the chap option and ask them to remove it.

    It may take a few days.

  • Hey im maurice crowbar i am a goth model
  • Thank you for the good tips.
    How can i disable my blog? (Infinity Layout)
    listen, please do not disable the blog, DVtimes doesn´t know what he´s doing or saying sometimes...

    no arguement needed dv... just for rubberdoll, keep your blog on the infinity, look at mine https://nataliek.xxx i have a blog on the site and my own https://nataliekash.com 

    while dv is right, saying you can add more to your own blog, he´s wrong saying not to have one here...

    add special blogs here on this site, like christmas specials or easter specials and then add more infor on your own blog and link from each to each and earn more sales from more clicks to each site, your own blog and your blog here on your site...

    all the best and wishing all a great halloween, i´ve a huge new movie ready coming for my site halloween 22 ! xxxx

    Natalie K xxx
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