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  • @WebcamStartup Owns

    A Site with Advice for Cam Girls and holds well to their Knowledge and I dont believe they are MC Staff.

    I do understand the Fustration of Glitches and Such but I do know they are fixable

  • @stormy Please read what I said again. I didn't say that people aren't going to sign up for other girls sites because of what you posted on here. I said that they aren't going to sign up for your site because of what you posted on here. You're one of those girls who thrives on drama and finds a problem wherever you go.

    The real reason I'm coming at you? Do tell. Although I can just tell you that I said what I did because of your disrespect for the staff and other members of this forum. This was a very pleasant place until you came around with your drama, run-on sentences (rants), and terrible grammar.

    And as far as them being honest with you... the staff is very open about everything and answers any and all questions we have. I've never seen any of them lie, and I have read every single post on this forum.

  • Thank you Holly, think you said it best.

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    Cher Azur    I agree they are amazing when it comes to fixing issues and getting back to us. I do not agree with other things they have done that lost me sales which is between myself and the site.

     dirtylittleholly you are just one  of the group of sad models that post all over the net, and hate on the top grossing ranking models.

    Plus you do not like me because on twitter, instagram, any site we each are on I always out rank you.

    What drama, mygirlfund?  You are one of the 5 models who sadly begged for retweets every week and are all pissy my friends and I over took then closed down the contest.. Sorry but mygirlfund banned me when I reached 70 percent along with my closest friend who was a member with money in his account..   I have tried many times to get them to do the right thing, but they wont. The second they give John back his money we will forget about them. That is not Drama is standing up for the people who back me. I do not allow anyone to mess with my people, without them I am nothing.

    but anyway Holly Rydem.,You have 21 for the last 5 years, Why don"t you go update your site with a new photo with todays date showing your body and face since we are all about being real here? 



    WebcamStartup you are such a joke. Can you show me one site you own where you do promotions? Here is one of mine.

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    dirtylittleholly WebcamStartup you seem like assholes. 

    stormy Love you


    As a fan of cores I an tell you I will not join because of the staff.
  • Cher Azur I seek being the best possible..and I know it can be a real pain in the ass .

     I agree the staff does get back fast and I love that....but I have been  Disrespected by the staff ,. I have also had my site shut down after being told it would not be , it broke no terms of use at all. I put hours of work into the site...and it was remoed for no reaon. When I ask for a legal reason they give me none . My friends all seen this happen and now fear the same thing will happen on my site stormygirls.

    Not only did my site get shut down, but the site that got it shut down told me before this site even did. I tried to look pass it, but the way the staff speaks to me, the models, its now winning any of my friends over....losing me sign ups...and kind of sucks all around.. 

  • @Stormy I really dont see where you are being Disrespected but thats just me. I just feel my Thread wasn't the Place and felt you where being Disrespectful to my Intentions of the Post. I do Notice and See your Apologie which I accept. I don't Use Many Site but this is one I use. I can't even Find a Home Cam Site where I feel Comforitable to Cam on 100%. I am far from a Top Model but I just felt it was uncalled for so I spoke something.

  • If you want to know what sites I operate, run a WHOIS on me. I don't brag, but I leave enough breadcrumbs if webmasters, solution-providers, potential partners, ect. Want to find me.

  • Cher Azur   what did I say that was uncalled for? I reread my post a few time, and I do not see anything I said that was uncalled for. WebcamStartup  and I both going off subject and at each other was uncalled for......

    you have said nothing rude to me, and if  I in anyway came off rude towards you I feel bad about it.  Thank you   for accepting my Apologie, and you are right...this post no staff said anything rude (unless webcam is staff Idk).....regardless I did not even noticed you had asked for comments to be deleted and for this to stop...I should have notice that before now instead of allowing myself to get caught up .


    WebcamStartup   out of respect to Cher Azur you and I should stop speaking on this post unless it is on the started.


  • Cher Azur  you do not see how stormy is being  being Disrespected dirtylittleholly  or WebcamStartup? You have to be blind .

  • I didnt come Online to be Disrespected on my Own Post. I want it Removed. I maybe a Low None Top Model but I dont Deserve to be Talked down To. @Stormy if you wish please Quit Speaking on My Post as if My Point has 0 Vaild. Stop Talking Down to @DirtyLittleHolly and @WebcamStartUp. This is My Post and not a Place for it.

    @StanDaMan Please Delete My Post when You get the Chance as I have no Clue How

  • and thank You for asking it to be Removed @Stormy. I had to reread your Post again sorry

  • @stormy, I know that you requested I do not address you, but in this case I am left no choice. As a moderator of this forum I must notify you that if again members of the forum feel that they are attacked or disrespected in your posts, you will be banned. There will be no second warning.

    I am not a fan of banning people and think that every voice must be heard. However, it is expected that all in this community show due respect to each other. It is meant as a warm and friendly community and I intend to do my best to keep it so. Please be more considerate in the future.

    Thread closed by request of the OP.

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