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I been Trying to Refer other Models to Use this Platform and Gotten Many Saying they will be Using AdultMemberSites due to they offer more Like a Store, Pay Per Min Privates for Members, a Email with Site Domain. I am know Modelcentro in Offering is also good. But it seems a ton of Models love the above Features.



  • I took a look at the site,the main girl who talks about how great the site is last blog was posted nov 2014, and they have only 2 months left on the main domine,


    Then look at this site

    not sure why a model would use that site instead of this one . I send them an email see how long it takes them to repond, here at least know for a fact I can get a hold them close to 24/7

  • @Cher I'll check on the statuses and ETAs of these features and see what I can do to prioritize them up.

  • Cher, i think you are highly overestimating this 'ton' of Models :)

    We are working hard to implement features models request, and are of course primarily driven by revenue opportunities that these features provide to our platform. You can clearly see history of features being requested and implemented.

    I am not sure the purpose of the thread, since you haven't posed a question, so maybe you could please clarify.

  • Hmm....They're doing all their building in WordPress with CCBill integration.

    So, it's obviously not a "self-served" CMS like ModelCentro. After building out the site, they could teach models to use the WordPress backend and create their own content.

    I guess CCBill pays them directly and they payout their models inhouse?

  • For a "free site" this part of their FAQ is interesting:


    "Why would I get you to do my site when I can get it done cheaper somewhere else?

    Well you can always get your site done cheaper somewhere else, but it’s not going to be the same website with the same support. We have intimate knowledge of the cam industry and have been making websites for a very long time. We know what works and what doesn’t. Not only will we build you a better member site than you would get anywhere else, we’ll give you better support than you’d get anywhere else. We’re not just making you a website, we’re making you part of our team.

    Beware of any offers from people saying they can make you a website for free or next to nothing. You get what you pay for! 6 months later, you’re very likely to end up with a terrible looking site that probably doesn’t even work, not to mention, an extremely uncomfortable relationship with that person. The reality is that there are considerable costs to building a website when it’s done properly, and these need to be taken into account. When considering a designer and developer, ask yourself these questions:"

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    @Cher how are you referring your models, out of curiosity? Ballpark what percent remain registered (non-verified), innactive, verified and active?


    I'm seeing real low conversion rates, but it's revshare and most the models I refer that do go active have a high retention rate it seems.

    Only 1/3 of the Active referrals have taken MC up on the free domain name which is still beyond me, even after that email campaign to models still using the subdomain.

    I count a "conversion" as being Active, by the way

  • WebcamStartup you just covered every thing I was thinking. I did email them this is what I got back


    Hi Rebecca, thanks for reaching out to us. Our payouts are between 70% & 90% (that includes payment processing fees). We don't bring people though, you are responsible for driving traffic to your site.


    ""We can set you up with a site that does all of this but the only catch at the moment is that we are currently on hold for new clients for the next month or so. We are currently finishing up a completely new platform with loads of new features. When it's ready, you will be able to easily create a fully functional member site with all the features you need and the best payout rates."""


     The 90 percent thing has me with a big red neo sign of can not trust.....there is just no way a site can give a model that much and pay the needed bills, Plus they are using terms month or so......

    I am also wondering why these models Cher Azur is talking about would not use this site too, considering it is up and running, easy to start, has an amazing staff and clearly is growing and adding new features. 

    Honestly I have not seen one model/person on twitter, facebook or tumbler post that site but I do see more and more modles/people posting sites they have here.


  • Wait, so there's a setup fee and a % as well?

    Looks like they might be cooking up something that would remotely attempt to compete with MC's offers :) Let's see what they come up with. Almost 2 years since launch, we're probably very far ahead, but I see competition as a good thing - gives even more motivation to grow and build up.

  • They'd have to get a very modded form of WordPress Multi-Site rocking in order to make it "self-service" like MC. Currently they're building out each site 1-by-1 inhouse and managing all updates, new content and deleted content.

    I've contimplated doing something similar. Primarily for a linkbuilding strategy (get sitewide footer links from every model site) and then monetize through affiliate programs. If the webmaster used his/her affiliate links on a model site instead of the models, there's a form of monetization while still being able to offer it 100% free.

    The downside: Takes time and have to deal with people.

    Really , MC makes more sense as far as turnkey and everything integrated. I looked into CCBill, their documentation and intial cost and wasn't too impressed.

    I'm a huge fan of how LittleRedBunny is doing it. She's rocking a WP site and an MC site for her fanclub.

  • I wouldn't be surprised if they're also a studio and this is a way of providing a value-add for their models as well as prospecting for new ones.

  • They have contacted me Twice

    First time I stated I am on the ModelCentro Platform

    Second Time they tried Swaying more over there. I have no interest in their Platform. But I felt the need to mention. It seems they are Trying to Compete and will attempt to Sway Girls

    I know Site which can offer a 90% Payout Logically without Messing up the offerings.

  • I have told them I prefer my Support provided by ModelCentro and just models I have spoken with hoping to get to use it. it was a bit I feel like their a Scam in away understandable 

  • @StanDaMan I am trying to Warn other Models as I was Uncomfortble when they Contacted me. They will Down Talk MC. As Well as the Feature which will bring More Members to Our Sites and More Models to Come to MC.

    Sorry I been offline for a Bit so Trying to Answer Everyone

  • @Cher Azur thank you for clearing it up. We are happy you prefer MC :) we work hard to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.

  • @Cher, it's all part os the sales pitch. If I was pitching any CMS against MC, I'd have my checklist of negetive talking points as well ;)

    Kinda like I could make a checklist against their platform, such as the solution-provider having to patch through the updates on behalf of the model, even though it's WP and the model should be able to get access to the admin area.

    Sales is sluttiness mixed with political banter. So glad I'm out of the whole B2B scene.

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    Right now I am conidering going to the site, they are at least 100 percent honest with me about what they do, many things this site does but is not up front about it.


    lol LittleRedBunny is no big fan of this site.....I work with her on jasmine...she is also on my camsite....she may have a site up but she never promotes it, and has no desire to do so or bother updating.....I think that alone sums up how top models feel on this site, and why do they feel this way.......I think looking at the staffs post lately sums that reason up.






  • Keeping a sitewide banner on her WordPress site is what I'd call promoting.......

  • As well as a link in the sitewide navigation.......

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    WebcamStartup  it is called not bothering to take something down.or just flat out forgetting it is even there...she has not updated since......april ..if just looks like she tried the site and went....eff not worth my time....

    But since you are such a big fan I could email you the links on my sites where she is updating :)

    and hey..,,let me ask yet many sign ups you get for this just keep forgetting to say......

    and whats with the no profile pic or any kind of kind seem like a spam faked account , you should at least post your pic or name since you such a hot shot and know it all .

  • If you're considering a conversion Actives / Total Signups: 1.79% conversion rate on all registrations.

    If you're considering a conversion as Active + Innactive / Total Signups: 2.5% conversion rate on all registrations.

    If you consider a conversion as Actives / All Verified Models: 15.7% conversion rate on all verified models

    If you consider a conversion as Verified Models / Total Signups: 12.5% conversion rate on all signups.


    Seeing how it's a lifetime revshare, the conversion rate is far more relevent than number of referrals. I'm way too lazy to dig out the payment information, or I'd go back and do the math to find the profit increase month-over-month, as for revshare programs, that's relevant as well.

    I'm more concerned about the conversion rates and optimizations, which that even opens up the question of; "What is a conversion?" One could argue Active as being a conversion, as those are the models profiting. One could also argue that Verified is a conversion, as they have the potential to go Active at any time.

    One could also argue that I'm looking at all the wrong math and should be benchmarking Signups / Clicks, as any Registered model has the potential to start up her site and get verified in the future, and having the intiial referral, it'll still count towards earnings.

    I've only been promoting MC for half a year.

  • Which I'm lazy as hell, so the only metric I only benchmark with MC is Active + Innactive. Active for obvious reasons, and Innactive because it shows what models actually tried for conversions or had enough content to organically get conversions. It also shows me the retention rate of active models, which is very important to me.

    It was actually interesting putting the calculator to my referrals, as I've never actually done that, though I do have some idea just from looking through my referrals.

    One thing I know about revshare too: It only takes one big earner to make you incredibly happy. Hopefully you're incredibly happy off said referral for a long time too.

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    WebcamStartup yah you kind of seem lazy so no shock on that....but I am thinking you have made close to nothing, ......and how sad for this site that you.,..who openly stated you are lazy ., and in other post look at porn as something easy where you do not have to be professional....promote this site......I would not allow you to promote my yard sale let alone a site. 

    But hey, the staff loves you.....that is what can be the show person for the great promotions going on and the amazing care the site has for us.

    But aff account is turned off so I do not have to worry about you half ass promoting my site .
  • I am promoting a handful of model referral programs that are much more profitable, yes.

    I'll recant my statement. I don't feel it's neceassry to act "politically correct" in the adult industry. It's important to have an element of professionalism in any industry. That includes having an approachable demenor, especially when it comes to interacting with the decision-makers within the industry. When preaching professionalism, maybe you should consider your own demenor and interactions. If all your interactions are comperable to what I've seen on this site recently, you're probably the least professional of any members I've seen here.

    I'm hoping that it's just a vendeta against MC and you're actually a decent person in differing circumstances. Which on that note, you obviously hate this platform, you obviously hate the staff, you obvously hate the parent company seeding the venture, so why are you still here?

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    WebcamStartup I far from hate the staff....I have said many many kind things......many times..and see great worth in the site....I am still here because I have a few sign ups who enjoy my non nude site.....50 a month btw......and I could have many more sign ups but people look at these post and do not trust the site.......and in hopes to find a common ground......I believe in the best in I see nothing of worth in....but you do not define the site thank god.

    As for how professional I have no idea......and it is do not know who I, who I work with and the contacts I should try looking me up......then come back and tell me about my professionalism.
  • @StanDaMan Can You Change this Post to No Longer allow Comments Please as this was not the intention of my Post at all. Thank you.

  • @stormy I don't disagree that people might not want to sign up for your site because of the posts they've seen on here. But I don't think it's because of the posts made by the staff members...

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    dirtylittleholly >

    My friends tell me they will not sign up because of the staff.....I have my friends who follow where I go.....I dont need to go seeking out sign I know the very reason they are not coming over and it is because of the way the staff has been on the post.

    ......people are not going to sign up for other girls sites because they dont like me? Come one you are reaching to find a way to insult me and please just stop........I rather not have to bring up the real reason you are coming at me........because this is not the place for it......nor is it the place for you to dig at me because of your dislike of me.

    and please try reading what I said.......I posted here great support for the site.....
    When I said Right now I am conidering going to the site, they are at least 100 percent honest with me about what they do, was just an honest comment.......considering .....and those reason I am now speaking to the staff off post about.....and I do look back and think I should not have said it.......

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    MC can delete my comments if you wish to clean the thread up.

  • I do and Feel what happened is completely uncalled for to be honest. @Stormy I feel your expected Prefection and which is not possible. I have never been Disrespected by the staff and they even added custom things to my Website for me on request. also Fixed some Glicthes I was having with the Payout Counter. Yes I see you pointing out Glitches but those things you contact Support Directly for. Mine have always been Fixed. My Main Promoter is FreeOnes and have conversions from their. So yes turn you should turn Promotions on as thats one of the ways to get FreeOnes to promote you. But all I wished is that you didnt go all out without messaging support with the problems you have experanced. They are good at fixing things within a Couple Days.


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