How to get sales

I have not posted for ages as I have had a lot on.

But I thought I would give some tips on getting sales, that work for me.

My main advise is not just get new members but aim to keep members as many months as you can.

1. Post something at least each week

Your site needs to look active. Post at least each week, ideally daily. A vid and/or a set of pics.

This will also keep members longer, as they will stick around for your new content.

2. Have at least 100 vids

I have often seen people posts on forums moaning that they are not getting sales. And when you look at the site they have 3 films or so.

You may get a few sales with 3 vids, but your more likely to get sales when you have 100 vids (ideally 1000 vids).

You should also find people will stay members longer when you have more content.

3. What is your USP?

You need to ask yourself what your USP (Unique Selling Point). By this I mean what makes your content different to any other site. 

If your content is not different, then why would I join your site?

4. Are you on

You should be on as it will get you a LOT of people promoting your site.

You should post a set of pics once a week as well. More content the better.

5. Use a .com and a brandable domain name.

A .com looks easy on the eye and people will type .com at the end out of habit. 

Using .net or whatever looks like your doing stuff on the cheap, and it is the first thing people see. That alone may loose you sales.

Spend time working on the name of your domain.

I see a lot of sites with domain names that are long and not nice, and not very brandable.

6. Use social media

If your not on twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, then your missing out on thousands of fans, who may also promote your site.

7. Free or Not

One thing you need to think about is should you give away free content. By this I mean should you post nude/topless/full porn pics and/or vids on such as twitter. It will probably (should) get you thousands of followers), but at the same time, many followers will not join your site as they have seen you or your content free.

This is something you need to think about as I have known models have 500k of followers on twitter and wondered why they get few sales. Then I point out that they are posting it all free on twitter so why would people join to see what they have given away for free.

8. Put effort into your content

If you cannot be bothered to put effort into your content, it will show.

Think about lighting, camera angles, editing, where your shooting.

9. Accept criticism

I have stopped now helping people or businesses directly as I cannot deal with those who cannot accept criticism.

Over the years on forums people will ask what people think of there site.

In truth what many are asking is for people to say they have a wonderful site and great content.

I often gave an honest review, then in return got a page of why I was wrong and they were correct. Most of these sites did not last due to poor sales.

Criticism should be welcomed and not seen as something to be offended by.

But as I say, do not ask me to give a verdict on your site, as I cannot be bothered with some twit then getting upset and saying how I am wrong (with over 22 years doing sites experience and being an affiliate) to someone who has no experience and just presumes they know it all. Life is far too short.


  • YOU are exactly who I need. I apologize  a head of time for asking I know its the last thing you prob wanna do but can you please give me an honest opinion on what I have so where near done I have over 100 videos to add as well as photo sets thanks in advance
  • Hi

    I had a look at your site

    First, I think domain name is good and clean. By this, I mean it is a .com and brandable.

    Personally I would change that green heading with just a nice pic of you and the website name.

    Try to get kepicarter for everything, such as twitter and so on. It makes things look better.

    The pics seem to have been edited with the red turned up. I personally do not like the look and would suggest you do not do much editing, if any.

    I am not sure what the 'Calf Muscle Queen' point is. It may be a fetish to some, but I would suspect too few to bother.

    Personally I would not bother with the wigs are glasses. The pics with no glasses or wigs, you posted on twitter look far more attractive.

    I get the feeling your shooting yourself, and that will make things harder for you. If you have a boyfriend or friend who would take the pics and vids for you, it would make life easer.

    Do not forget you do not need to always do toy shoots, you can do some topless and nude.

    Doing shoots outside is popular too. 

    Personally I would not post any topless or nude pics on twitter, but that is up to you. In my view if you give it away people will not join. But other disagree as they see it as getting thousands of followers and as such believe the result is some will join as fans. So that is something for you to think about.

    One thing I would suggest is just be you. Don't do content you 'think' people will see, or content people 'tell' you to do. o stuff that you want to do, and be yourself. It will show in your content that your having more fun, and people will enjoy seeing it more.

    Do not worry what others are doing. What may work for one person, may not work for you. 

    Personally if I was you, I would dress middle class and look like someone who would never do porn. It would be a huge turn on. If it was me I would say your a manager or nurse or something. But if you said you was a nurse, wear a real nurse outfit on the pics rather than some silly sex shop nurse outfit.

    The idea is to be a fantasy.

    But part of it, is to find out what works for you.

    For me you post a lot of nice pics on Instagram and I personally found the pics of you being natural the most attractive. Even with the glasses, the natural ones looked sexy. The ones in the wigs and dolled up not so. But others may find the wig ones hotter. 

    I will give you an example: This I would say looks sexy:

    I would suggest if you can, invest in a better camera or at least use the back camera on your phone as that may take better pics than the selfie camera that is on the front.

    But as I say, a lot of it will be trial end error, and not to give up. 

    Many give up too soon and expect instant results. 

    Personally I think from your pics you have a good look, and pretty. Just be you.

    One thing, if you wanted to add a bit of extra sexiness, would be (as a suggestion) find a female (ideally lesbian) photographer, and claim your a lesbian couple. You do not need to have lesbian sex, just the claim that your a couple and you do this to please your partner would be a huge turn on. It would also get you someone to take your content. And if she was in some content too it would be a bonus. But that is just a thought for you.

  • Also, you may want to think about an intro to your vids, such as you chatting.

    In this, you seem to go directly into the the film, plus I have now seen it for free.

    You may want to think about a few mins with you chatting clothed, to make people WANT to see you.

    Also for webcam, are you using the built in camera in your laptop? As often an external one will give MUCH better results. I put one on a stand too so it had a TV feel to it when my friend did it. 
  • One site to look at is

    That site does very very very well.
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