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2- Step-Verification 
Add an extra layer of security to your site! 2-step verification prevents unauthorized access to your account, even if someone has your password.
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  • edited August 2018
    Awesome, have already done both! Like your new Help section, very orderly and easy to understand! Love it!

    I would like to give some advice on sharing our adult material on social networks. Specifically Facebook.

    I use Reddit to share to my Facebook.  I have a subreddit called BrandyPhilias where i post all my content, add comments, info, hashtags, then i have a Facebook Page also called BrandyPhilias where i then share the reddit post. Facebook cant do a thing cus its all SFW content. Does wonders for my Reddit and Facebook Seo since both have exactly the same name, meta, and hashtags. 

    This method was even praised by Andy from PH at Marketing for Models

    This will definitely help many of us

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