Traffic for your website - don't miss out on these promotion avenues!

If you are reading this Guide, you definitely understand the importance of Internet promotion for your business. Let’s talk about a few very

important points that will help you get more visitors – and more joins.

Whether you just got a membership website with us or have one for a while, this guide will help you to implement a successful promotion strategy, step by step.  

These 6 essential steps you will get a successful paid membership website with lots of traffic, improve on Search Engine Optimization, get the Affiliate Program going and improve user retention.

1. The first is fairly simple but still not to be neglected - try to keep a blog more or less regular. A blog makes your website more dynamic by automatically injecting new content every time an article is published. Search engines reward higher rankings to websites that consistently add fresh content, and these higher rankings convert into new visitors for your website. You can also encourage your members to generate content for you by posting questions in blogs, where they can reply and hence be actively participating in the website - if you get them talking, there's free unique content for search engines – without your involvement.

2. The second thing that is worth doing is submitting your website to review sites. Just google for adult informational websites and submit your MC-based website to get a review. Those guys will do reviews free of charge for you, you’ll just need to provide them with user access and a tracking link (they can make an affiliate account and get one there easily). If you need help with this, please hit us up and we’ll make sure to help you find the best review sites and submit for review.

3. There are also many sites that have what is called "model index" sections, these will gladly add your personal site link if you send them a few images/a short trailer. Try reaching out and getting the site's links up. You can offer them to become your affiliate and promote you, or just post a link “Official website” on your profile there.

4. Next thing on the list is attracting affiliates to send traffic. To do that, it's worth being active on adult webmaster forums (, etc.) - not constantly, of course, but definitely worth spending an hour a week and being sociable, possibly making friends and then partners.

5. One more thing that some models benefit from is uploading some of their content with watermarks to tubes. Some of you might be reluctant to do it as this means giving away some of the (older) content for free. The benefit of that, however, is traffic, and a lot of it. Tubes are by far the biggest traffic generators out there and that probably won't change any time soon. If you need direct contacts with tubes, please let us know.

6. If you cam, some websites will be ok with putting your site's link on your profile. With many sites like MyFreeCams it's possible. We also have an integration with Streamate that will let you promote your site via their profile page, you can find more information on this here:

7. Last, but not least - Use Social Media! The best way to promote your website is to focus on Twitter. Check out our useful threads about promotion on Twitter in the MC Community:

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Internet promotion of a membership website might seem difficult and daunting. But we hope that this guide will help you with making your website successful and attracting more visitors!



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