Making money on your site

ModelCentro is a great solution if you want to get a fan club and earn money by communicating with fans and creating beautiful and exciting content. Furthermore, ModelCentro gives you many different opportunities to generate extra income. Here are your options for ways of earning revenue:

Set Join Options

This could be the major source of your website’s revenue as you create the fan base that pays to communicate with you and has access to your content. Subscriptions recur until cancelled, so once they become fans they could stay with you and keep paying for many months, if you keep them busy and entertained. You can set up join options in the Site Financials section of your “My Site” admin interface, choosing either to keep default options or delete those and add your own. Keep in mind that you can not edit join options. You can, however, easily delete old ones and make new ones whenever you’d like.
There are two types of join options – Trial+Membership or just Membership. The Trials let you create a short-term (1-7 days) access plan that will rebill to a monthly or multi-month membership if the member doesn’t cancel subscription. Memberships are also recurring – you can choose to give monthly, tri-monthly, yearly join options or set other custom periods. Make sure to make the text on the join option as enticing as possible. Some models create join options with “1 private show included” that cost more than the regular. Others come up with cute names and descriptions. Many successfully employ seasonal or even 1-day-only offers. Please be creative and make sure the pricing and texts reflect the experience your member will get from buying this or that option, otherwise – they would feel tricked and probably cancel the rebills immediately.

Add an Affiliate Program to your website

Let other webmasters, site owners and studios promote you for a share of the income they bring you. To get this source of fans, you have to set up affiliate marketing programs and manage affiliates. Once they sign up, you will see them in your Promotion menu under “Affilaites” – reach out to them and ask which promotion materials they need. They might ask for a few images to use as banners, gifs or a short video clip. The faster you set them off on your way, the sooner you will see them make sales on your site. 
Follow these links to find out more about affiliate marketing on ModelCentro: 

Manage your Tips page

Let your most devoted fans spoil you with generous tips. These gifts settings are also available in the Site Financials section, right under your join options. You can select either default options or create your own offers for the fans. And of course you may choose to specify the reward you would give for each particular tip. Private and group shows are available aside for “Free to all members”, and you can have fans order them via paying a tip.

Add a Call Me page to your site

VerifiedCall is a secure platform that uses third-party server numbers to transfer paid calls to recipients. The system connects the call without revealing either phone number or tracks the time of each call for accurate billing. The ability to call you brings your fans even closer while keeping them paying. By simply adding your VC username to your Apps admin, you will get a Call Me page with a widget showing if you are available for calls or not, plus an easy link to calling you. VC will let you set your own pay-per-minute price and charge your members for talking to you on the phone.

Connect SkyPrivate to your site

If you use SkyPrivate there's an option of adding a "Skype Me" menu that sends users right to your SP. Just find the SP Application under My Site – Apps in your admin and add your username. You can then get your website promoted on your SP profile as well.

Take advantage of MC’s integration with Streamate/CamModels

If you cam on Streamate/Cammodels, you can easily bring members to join your ModelCentro site by connecting MC and Streamate/CamModels accounts. Choose to be promoted via your Cammodels profile and specify a discount for SM members who join your site. You will get a button on your profile that will upsell to your site with one-click. To find out more about this integration, please see this thread.

Add your Amazon wishlist

We all love presents! ModelCentro helps your committed fans fulfill your wishes via adding your Wishlist link to your site. Just create your wishlist on Amazon, add the link in the applications list - and let your admirers buy beautiful presents for you!

Make money by referring friends!

ModelCentro will share 10% of OUR income from any model you refer. This means that your friend will not lose a dime, while you will get a nice bonus. All it takes to refer a model is to give him or her - this leads to a MC signup form. You can also let them know to check out your own site and then the link in the bottom of the page that says "Powered by ModelCentro" - that is your referral link as well.

Get the word out about what you offer

If you offer any other services, why not promote them on your site! MC is has no restrictions and we will encourage you to promote anything through your website – be it a content store, cams, goods sales – anything you can think of. Make sure to let your fans know about your website as well by adding links to your profiles, pages and stores elsewhere. Just please check with the site’s policy about promotion of external services. Some might be opposed to it.

Don't forget to keep track of MC updates!

ModelCentro team’s greatest desire is to improve your revenue. So don't miss some of our future features like sending locked content via messages, hard goods store, content pay-per-view page and much more. Whitelist emails in your mailbox to make sure you receive timely updates about new functionality. We work hard to make models who use our platform wealthier, happier and more confident in their business!

Check the How To's, Tips and Lifehacks section for other useful information about how to promote and run your website!


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  • thank you for bumpting this @KazBxxx. I should probably update it with some of the latest monetization method options that weren't available when I wrote that.

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    Here are some new monetization methods that were released after I posted this thread:

    Locked content functionality

    You now have an Uploads section which will let you send content via private messages. You could send free content to your members privately or set a price to it and the user would be able to unlock it for an upcharge. Here's a video that shows step-by-step how to do that: 


    Sending presents via instant messages or durng a liveshow

    We introduced this feature a while back and it's been very popular. Users can send little image-presents to you (a flower, a heart etc.) and those have a monetary value. In essence, that is a tip that comes with an image of something pretty :)


    Tips during liveshows

    Your fans can now tip you right during a live show, and the payment will be processed on one click. You'll be notified in the chat box that the tip was sent and by which user. For them, it's just a matter of typing in the amount and hitting "OK", so it is super easy and quick to do.


    Pay-per-minute liveshows

    You can now charge a price per minute for one-on-one shows with a single member. When you start a public liveshow, you can allow private show requests, or schedule a private with a certain user and do one that way if you don't want to interrupt your free show. You can set your pay-per-minute rate on the Site Financials page under "My Site" top menu.

  • Tips on content pages

    Oh and there's a tip option right under each piece of content now, so you can get a tip for a specific photoset or video.

  •  MC keeps getting better and better. 

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  •  Pay-per-minute liveshows

  • Another great way to make money on your site is selling content in your own store. Learn more about this feature here:

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