Is there a list of what's not allowed and what is on here?

I had it once I thought and now I can't relocate it. I want to make sure I keep that list close by so I don't violate any rules.




  • MissDevious,

    here is a list of all actions/keywords that are not suitable for publishing on the Platform and restricted by Visa/MasterCard regulations:

    Rape, Raped, Rapable, R-a-p-e, Rapeable, Raper, Rapes, Raping, Rapist, Reipu, Rpae, Force, Forceable, Forceful, forcefully, Forcer, Forces, Forcible, Forcing, Forcingly, Forced, Piss, Pissing, Pee, Peeing, Defication, Pedo, Peto, Pre-teen, Pedophile, Child like, Childhood, Childlike, Children, Infancy, Infant, Infant like, Infanthood, Infantlike, Infants, Minor, Paedophile, Paedophilia, Paedophiliac, Pedofile, Pedophiliac, Peta, Petafile, Petaphile, Preteen, Seventeen, Sixteen, Under age, Under aged, Under-age, Underaged, Young teen, Young teens, lolicon, 6teen, 7teen, Incest, Incestuous, Incestus, Brother, Dad, Daddies, Daddy, Daughter, Father, Sister, Son, Law enforcement, Mama, Mammi, Mammy, Mom, Mother, Animal, Bestiality, Underage, Child, Kid, Kids, Lolita, Zoo, Scat, Jail bait, Young+Teen, Tied, Hammered, Chains, Crime, Abduct, Abducted, Abduction, Asleep, Sleep, Sleeping, Sleeps, Slept, Nap, Dream, Kidnap, Kidnaped, Kidnaper, Kidnaping, Kidnapped, Kidnapping, Murder, Murdered, Murderer, Murdering, Murders, Violate, Violated, Violates, Violating, Violation, Violence, Violent, Asphyxia, Asphyxiate, Asphyxiated, Asphyxiates, Asphyxiating, Asphyxiation, Gagged, Tentacles, Tenicles, Tentacle, Tenticles, Alien, Animals, Barn, Beast, Farm, Monster, Illegal, Counterfeit, Pharm, Pharmacy, Prescription, Family, Poo, Hate, Loaded, Puke, Puked, Pukes, Puking, Vomit, Vomited, Vomiting, Vomits, Wake, Gamble, Gambling, Escort, Golden showers, Urine, Watersports, Gun, Knife, Sword, Hypno, Hypnosis, Hypnotised, Hypnotism, Hypnotize, Hypnotized, Hypnotizes, Hypnotizing, Pass out, Passed out, Passing out, Sedate, Sedated, Sedately, Sedateness, Sedates, Sedating, Sedation, Unconscious, Unconsciousness, Unwilling, Unwillingly, Unwillingness, Incest, Molest, Molestation, Molested, Molester, Molesting, Molests, Celebrity, Enema, Blood, Bled, Bleed, Bleeding, Bleeds, Chloroformed, Chloroform, Chloro, Chloroformic, Chloroforming, Chloroformism, Chloroforms, Brutality, Brutal, Brutalisation, Brutalization, Brutalize, Brutalized, Brutalizes, Brutalizing, Brutally, Mutilation, Mutilating, Mutilator, Mutilate, Mutilated, Mutilates, Scatophilia, Tipsy, Drink, Beer, Drunk, Drunken, Drunkenly, Drunkenness, Liqor, Liquor, Vodka, Wasted, Drug, Drugs, Drugged, Drugging, Intoxicate, Intoxicated, Intoxicating, Intoxication, Incapacitated, Pedophilia, Necrophilia, Bestiality, Zoophile, Zoophilic, Torture, Spank, Spanking, Suffocate

  • Thank you =) So anything not on this list is safe content wise and text wise?  I see chains is on the restricted text but see girls that have tons of rope bondage.

    I do alot of bondage stuff. Nothing that is red, brusied or bloody. I know some things may be "grey". I'm hoping I get a warning for an unintentional mistake rather than being banned off the bat. Trying to remember everyone's TOS and rules can occasionally be more than brain will allow

    I have a few more questions that I cannot find the answer to for the life of me. I tried to search as well. If I'm missing a page that has all this info, if you can link me to it I would appreciate it. I don't want to bother people with the same questions over and over =)

    Okay so here they are

    1.are there restrictions to whats in free section vs paid section? i.e. no penetration in free, etc

    2. Limits/minimum for photo sets and videos?  i.e 10 pic min 100 pic max 2 min min 50 min max etc.

    thank you!


  • edited December 2018

    MissDevious ,  no worries, you won't be banned

    Let me go over your questions: 

    1. For now, there're no free sections on the MC-based sites. However, we are working on that and in the future there won't be any restrictions. Everything will be up to a model. 

    2. No limits, It is your business and you are free to decide how to manage it. 



  • I noticed there is a niche category for videos called 'Piss', yet it's showing as a restricted action/free word. Could I get some clarification on that before posting any pee type videos?

  • Krystal Orchid these stop words are what bots scan websites with. The platform itself isn't against the term (golden shower is not allowed but piss is). The video tags is the other issue. So, if you can go around the term so you don't get hit by bots we don't restrict the content.

  • Natalie

    Gagged blood, enema, and intoxicated! Got it! hahahaha

    Gee some of these are really silly.

  • So when is this list getting reviewed? 

    Hypno hypnosis hypnotization are bad but the same files tagged with brainwashing indoctrination conditioning reprogramming mind melting mind fucking and mind braking personality destruccion etc arent?
  • Melkanea, we don't make the rules, we adhere to the visa/mc rules in order to stay in business. They are reviewed if advised by the banks we process with of any changes.
  • All these are pretty regular to me, most searched in Austria:
    Incest, Incestuous, Incestus, Brother, Dad, Daddies, Daddy, Daughter, Father, Sister, Son, Mama, Mammi, Mammy, Mom, Mother, Family, 

    Hah! Well, i got news, more than half of all pornstars have made content about it.
    Piss, Pissing, Pee, Peeing, Loaded, Golden showers, Urine, Watersports,

    ENEMA on WIKIPEDIA  This is really immature for a SexWork payment provider
    Pornstar style anal sex requires for models to get an Enema before and after shootings! 
    Its basic grooming rituals for a shooting.

    "Force" No Star Wars? or any kind of science specially physics? force of acceleration, force of acceleration, force of willpower.... Force of nature, Newtons Naturals Laws are prohibited? 

    Tied, Gagged, Well this fucks up all kinds of bondage! 
    Sissy Bimbo Brandynette is Tied in self bondage. 
    Brandynette put one her new ball gag and is gagged for Mistress 
    Spank, Spanking HAve you ever heard of the Sado/Maso part of BDSM? 
    Spankings are the handshakes, with spanking we get to know out limits in a Sub/Dom relationship. 

    Tentacles, Tentacle, Tenticles, Alien, Beast, Monster, killed hentai & asia just lost interest this is basic hentai!

     Celebrity? Pornstars are celebrities, many porn fetishes and fantasies focus on a Celebrity or use their music for shootings. 

      Tipsy, Drink, Beer, Drunk, , 
  • Is fake blood allowed? I want to make a Halloween themed video
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