Promotion on forums and index sites (LINKS)

Hey Everyone!

So I did some research and found links that you might want to check out to promote your site.

For forums, might be easier to watermark pictures and just post those. On index sites, it is a matter of reaching out and asking. Some will even put up your link for free, others will want an affiliate account to promote you (so they get a % of every join they sent). Either way, it's often worth the hustle in terms of google ranking and backlinks from these sites, and possibly more joins from traffic from forums and indexes. 

This is by all means NOT a complete list. If you know others please post in comments. If  you find some not worth it/never responding to your inquiry also post it here please so other models might know to not bother.

P.S. if a site doesn't have a contact form, might be worth trying admin@SITENAME email (those are very common)

Updated 4/30:

Another index site here:
One more Model directory here:


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