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Hello from 🤴  Kings on Demand, 

Let's make it a freaky and Amazing time.
Looking for TOPS/VersTops. Check it out at - 
Hey guys. How's your day going? I hope "GIGS" to get started or Txt "signup" to 626-626-5942. 
As you know, times have gotten very difficult.  
With the pandemic and Struggles that happens daily and the hard times pushing on our love daily - we tend to get destresed, Hopeless, BROKE! 
I know there has been many Tricks & Scams flowing all around you. Allow me a moment and see if your interest follows...

I know many entrepreneurial individuals that has worked their entire lives, In Ned to show affection, and Just Wana have fun. "All work & No Play leaves a duel boy. So I have created a way for us both to connect. With RM Services, Masseurs Central & Black Diamond; you will be satisfied with investing your Time & Matter into this program (This is NOT a Ad). My name is Tyree King aka Porn Star Eliah Tyrese. I have completed 180 Course and 19 Production Shots in the Adult Industry. ( See @ I am seking All Races & 18+ Men & Women to make 100-140 /hr entertaining Successful & Reliable Men. Results, Compensation, and Entertainment, including Food & and beverages, are provided. Call or text for more information. I enjoy helping others while helping myself. Is this a go for you? Visit "Video Subscriptions" below

Get Paid to talk on the phone, Free Toll Free Companion System or Start your own Phone Sex Operator Business at "Masseurs Central " below 
With Masseurs Central, you can Earn Monthly funds just by using your landline/ Mobile phone. Use MC with your Business, Friends and/or Family. Don't want to talk, send them to your extension and Get Paid. All funds are between You & The Client so your neve waiting for a Check. Set your own hours, Greeting, Voice, Photos and More. Make Monthly Income of Up to $500 a month, I've sent it. Go to and Start Now. Phone Sex Businesses Thrive with this service. Telecommunications is free and All for the Entrepreneur.

🌟 RM Services
RM Services (Rent Men International) gives Men, Women and Trans (M2F, FTMs+) a chance to meet Exclusive & Interesting Men, Couples M/F and more. You have a chance to Gain a Friend: Someone Loyal, Wealthy and Horny. Keep them happy & Never worry of your finances (Why fuck for free when you can get paid, Not Prostitution but more of Clientele. Get to know them (The Black Diamond site holds all the tools - Masseurs Forms for Intake, License info request & A2B Business Tools ( All Online). Visit "Video Subscriptions" below

Kings on Demand
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