Need someone to feedback my site

Hi all!
I seem to not really know what I’m doing. 😢😅
I would appreciate someone to check my online sites and come back with an honest review and maybe even say which one I should focus on.
I’m a little different flower that believe more in interactions with fans and not really into faking stuff or roleplaying like pretending I love them. If they are communicative and I like them they are treated upon that and the ones I have gotten good connections with like my content, but I seem to have a hard time getting new subscribers interested….
Would be good to find a middle way, because I realize I can’t keep the “relations” with quality to all if I ever should get a larger amount of subscribers…. 
I’m useless with promotions too. Don’t know where or how to attract people so they get interested and go check my page or profile out..
Thanks for considering helping me on this bumpy road….


  • Hi ya!

    I love my fans, interact on a daily basis & offer them custom films as part of my subscription offer, so i get what you mean by enjoying the real stuff...

    what´s your website, so I can take a look & maybe help you out.

    TBH though, no matter what others say, it´s your site & you should be happy with it!

    Wishing you a good Christmas, Natalie K xxx
  • Hi Guys I'm new to this platform, I have so much content to upload i think it will be awhile before I can chat among you all my colleagues and possible network Ijust want to say Happy New Years to you all and prosperous week

    Clarkes Boutaine
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