ModelCentro have stated (in writing) that they officially now have plans to finally add a search-bar

edited January 2023 in Everything ModelCentro
I contacted MC 1-year ago, asking if they had any plans to add a ''search-bar'' feature for us to add to our websites...
They said that due to financial-constraints they couldn't afford to add that feature.

I contacted them today, asking if there have been any change in their position (from 1-year ago), and if they actually have any active plans to add a search-bar during 2023?

They replied, confirming that they now officially do have plans to finally add a search-bar!


  • Wow, thank you for the update! I'm looking forward to this. I've been diligently tagging every single one of my videos in the meantime, so I'm hoping this can reduce my workload a little!
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