Request to: Add a ''Keyword Search bar'' to store pages + Add the ''add to cart' function to stores?

These are both really basic, fundamental features, which you'd expect EVERY website/store to have... But for some unknown reason MC doesn't provide these features for our websites?

- I will specificy clearly the requests here, and then hopefully get kept updated by the MC team about the implementation of them -

1. Add a ''keyword search bar'' to store pages.

This would enable customers who land on the store page to simply type into the search bar whatever keywords they are seeking content of, and subsequently be shown all the products which have that keyword in the title and/or description.

2. Add the ''add to basket'' function to stores.

This would enable customers to add multiple products to their basket, then purchase all those products at once.
Rather than currently, when they have to go through the entire puchase process per each individual product they wish to purchase.

As mentioned, these are both basic features, which literally every ecommerce website would be expected to provide as standard :: So please can the MC team let us know:

1. If these features will both be implemented, or not?
2. If they will be implemented, by approximately what date will they be?


  • Completely agree that both of these things need to be implemented. It is ridiculous the lack of features that model Centro stores have >_<
  • This is the number one requested feature. The lack of it is also why so many people cancle their memberships.

    We've all been asking for it for years and years. 
  • - So to update this issue -

    I contacted ModelCentro via email & spoke with someone from their management-team about this issue/these requested features.

    Unfortunately she basically just said:
    ''Modelcentro, as a company, don't have the resources required to implement these 2 features''.
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