How I'm getting new customers & more sales

One of the most difficult tasks can be figuring out how to grow your reach to let new potential customers know about the great content you have to offer.

About 5 months ago, I got very serious and very focused about trying to find a way yo increase my clip sales and memberships. Because Twitter is the most permissive marketing space, I decided to focus on finding services that could both increase my twitter followers and promote my marketing content to a much larger audience who had probably never heard of me or seen any of my content. One of my challenges was that my content is not mainstream. I mainly focus on making tickle fetish videos and lots of them focus on feet. I occasionally have some nudity and there's a little female masturbation once in a while. But, I knew that there was definitely a much larger audience for my content than I was reaching.

I tried about 5 services. One was just so difficult to get setup, that I just told them to keep my money, but I was OUT! A few ended up boosting my Instagram followers, nut I could not correlate their effort to sales. One service worked immediately from the start and was simple and clear. When I renew my 60 euro payment to them monthly (done by Paypal) , I feel like I'm "buying money cheap", What they do is very simple. They retweet 10 of my posts in the morning and 10 more in the evening. They style some of their tweets to really stand out and they have two big guns. (1) They have more than 1 million followers. (2) They have sub accounts that also retweet and those accounts have hundreds of thousands of followers.

Here are the results that I got and how I know it was from their efforts.

CLIPS4SALE: The first thing I did with this service is promote 7 clips in the morning and 6 clips in the evening from my Clips4Sale store. My clip store sales suddenly trippled and the sales were mainly the ones that they retweeted. My sales there quadrupled by month 3 and are now slowing down, since I've turned my attention to my ModelCentro clip store.

MODELCENTRO:: Here on MC, I make most of my money with memberships and not clips. So, I decided to promote my clip store content with this service. Amazingly, it was my membership site that benefited. The increase in sales was not as dramatic as I saw with my Clips4Sale store, but, I'm now breaking my MC revenue records. At the time of writing this post, my On-Hold amount is at a record level for this time of the week. I've changed my twitter method to now post 4 tweets of MC content and 4 tweets of C4S content each morning and each evening, to boost both sites.

ONLYFANS: It stands to reason that what I've done here would work similarly for FanCentro. I make 2 tweets promoting actual content posts in my OnlyFans each morning and evening and have gone from 34 fans to 75.

I truly cannot guarantee that your results will be like mine. But remember, my content is niche, fetish content. I recommend you check them out and chat them up in DM and let them know that I sent you. BTW, they also offer daily fleets. 

On twitter, I'm @TickleVideos and their account is @EscandPublico


  • I just looked them up  @EscandPublico and their Account is suspended do you know any other way to get a hold of them?

  • Sorry for the delay in responding. 

    Having achieved the growth that I needed them for, I stopped using them many months ago. I only communicated with them using twitter dms.

    There are other accounts that do what they did. I'd look for twitter promotions to hunt for them.
  • This was a great article! Thank you.
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