Be careful giving your content away for free

Over the years I have seen people post a LOT of free content on twitter and tube sites.

When I say free, I mean full nude and often full hardcore.

This may result in you getting a LOT of twitter followers, but, the problem is, you have given it all away free, and you may find you lose a LOT of sales.

I have seen a lot o solo models do this, who then ask me why sales are low.

I point out that why would I now need to join her site when I have seen t free.

I have had people email me to say, they had to join my site to see model xyz, and why do I not post it free like other sites do? Because I have mainly only posted non nude samples, it has meant people have had to join my sites to access the rude stuff.

My webmaster site:


  • Joe Public will always want new videos filmed and therefore, to show a huge selection of what you have on your site doesn´t effect sales, apart from creating sales.

    I show a varied amount free on tubes, soon to show a lot more...

    however, all my fans ask me to film a new video in certain niche, i.e. please Natalie, can you film another video with that huge toy and you opening your legs, spreading wide again for me please.

    I have many fans asking for this type of footage, and new scenes of the same type of footage, filmed over and over again, maybe just wearing something new or saying someones name etc...

    You really should stop giving advice when your own site doesn´t use the tagging system on vids, it shows very similar content day in and day out. It´s not fair for a new model to think they are speaking to someone that knows everything about the business, and really they are not.

    I´m not being nasty here, it´s just it´s false sales and you´re not a good tog, quality and person.
  • i'm gonna tear you down cus your arguments are going on for years now! 

     Without doing any of the things you do? Without a working paysite, without any reviews. Without caring for selling a single file but giving all for free? Not ever caring for what my fans want just being horny in front of a cam, making a quick 20min video?
    I'm the opposite of you, fringe niche fetishes. My entire fan world is tiny, I'm a sissy, rough BDSM roleplays, mind fucks mostly mastrubating for hours whitout cumming.
    i have never had a partner for my vids.

    U both are mainly mainstream, taggs, content reach, ur audience is huge, like all of the planet could like your content. U 2 cleare have more experience than me. Earning for longer, in a more straightforward, constant way, you have perfectly simple working paysites out of the box.

     How come I'm kinda reaching up to your level?

    Nat,  ur always doing money shots for your fans.
    Whatever webmastering tricks you use DVtimes, that isnt it.

    Cus ur faking it, you believe ur pros, want to be like the superstars, want to do what they do & reach up to them.
    You are just Amateurs with experience, Amateur Webmaster & Amateur Pornstar. This is what i learned the last years.

    We Amateurs are next door, neighbours, imperfect, just kinkier cus we make porn. We are our own bosses, responsible for everything. Maybe we play the same video games. Listen to the same music, watch the same netflix series, have our elderly parents interrupt us at the worst possible time. We have the same problems as they do, we are humans still at their reach. They would just need to convince us or maybe give us something special to get into our sex life. We actually see our fan messages in our social media, not some hired fake FB profile as part of the marketing campaign. Were there with the fans, trying to get them to pay for something or at least get comments, likes, shares. Maybe offering them a prize, if you link this there several times ill give u something in return.

     Fans expectations is the only key to your success, cus want it or not you are & always will be Amateurs. All other stuff around is pure bullshit.
    i know, i know its hard to swallow & u wont believe me! 

    Nat, i always liked ur content & kinda saw u as my startup guide role model. looks & gender aside, kinks aside of course, your files are waaaaaay better than mine, u are all over the place, with tons of different things ur doing, you actually have someone fucking you & someone filming. Ur  metainfo is perfect. You actually produce real porn videos!

    Which is your best free video?
    Why? even though others look better, are better made & everything?
    That video everyone can see & feel you! You were totally into it, the sound of ur voice, ur movements, the need for more, that is the real fucking deal! Fans are like damn id love to be able to be there & feel what u feel, i mean im like "damn i envy that woman!i want that too!"
    Others are like, i dunno, ur not in the zone, ur not focused, or something is distracting you, I dunno, just producing & shit, instead of fucking your brains out fell fake!  

    then there is one, for me the worst. This file actually hurts your more than anything.
    Trying to bait, promote to fulfil a stupid modelcentro black friday gold rush promo.
    My first thought is "bitch only wants cash, i don't really see anything worth paying for, she hasn't earned it"
    Of course you made cash with it, imagine if instead of being all stiff, with a forced smile u went all frilly not giving a shit, doing some horny nonsense or intentionally a blooper making ur self & audience laugh. Happy people always spend more!

    & the last & most notorious thing,  u have been at it since 2004? 15 years & 7 years PH.
    Where the fuck are you hardcore fans, the ones obsessed who comment on everything you do?
    Don't wanna rub it in any more, but ive been at it for 4 years, in total, i got my porstar title in 2018.
    ur profile views, 50k mine 70k
    ur Pornstar Profile Views 33k mine 21k

    No one knows you exist, no matter how hot & well made ur files are, fans wont click on ur files if they don't know you! 
    its a lie that fans who get free stuff wont buy, i have some obsessed by the same file, i get weekly messages telling me they are back to watch the same file over & over again!

  • Dvtimes
    ur porhub channel is a waste of promotion space! LMAO! sorry! 
    ur vids, i duno, they should make me want to watch the girls getting fucked after 2 sentences, cus there is something mysterious, something freaky, something special, something kinky, etc about the girls. 
    But instead i cant even watch  to the end out of boredom. 
    One of the main pro tricks is, when she finishes a sentence, flash in a 0,5sec of her screaming in pleasure, dumb question: her answer a sentence interrupted by a 0,5 sec flash of a huge dick pushing into her. 
    Like startling the viewers into a "WTF was that, i couldn't hear her, lets see that again!"
    That channel of yours must be an absolute horny mindtrap after another.
    No one gives a fuck about the real, honest stories & details of the girls when first seeing them, after they watched the files & kinda fell for them then someone will definitely want to watch the interview. I know as a fact tha behind the scenes, hidden parts & secrets of the interviews are well payed. 

    There is a vid whre Proxy Page while being an Amateur gets gangbang rape abuse by a whole bar, its really intense & went way over the tolerance of many!
    The after filming interview went for a higher price than the actual vid 
  • Hey Melkanea, thanks for your ups and downs, tbh, our income is from our film productions and we turn over well. Our tubes bring in some cashflow, some advertising, but at no point have we set up those profiles and used them how they should be used, daily or weekly updating, by now, probably 10 fold from where we are. We know they will be good to use when we have the right niche, still 15 years in, we´re just dabbling, keeping all my content and my name to exclusive. We closed out studio in the UK to move to Spain, now just relaxing every day in the sun, enjoying good food and wine, working and playing every day... 
    I wouldn´t want my life any different than it is now, maybe working with a larger company to give my name a big boost, who knows, we can only see what the future holds.
    A pleasure to hear you took ideas from Gary & I and it´s a pleasure to know you... xxx
  • edited January 2020
  • natalie k said:
    Hey Melkanea, thanks for your ups and downs...

      who knows, we can only see what the future holds....

    A pleasure to hear you took ideas from Gary & I and it´s a pleasure to know you... xxx
    Yeah  sooo much has happened! From I masturbate to vanilla porn... i play video games cus im bored... to

    Amateur Pornhub PornStar,

    Interactive Adult Gaming, OBS Guru, Discord & Reddit Moderator,
    Social Media manager, like 20 social networks!
    I literally post my porn links to my facebook profile!
    Blogger, writer, influencer, social butterfly,
    Webmaster, system administrator, google admin & app developer.
    Web Development:
    HTML5,CSS,JS, node.js, npm, github, atom scripter, Second life linden script, 

    Its weird, it gets weirder, im the weirdest... in the past I wasn't able to admit it, I got a mental health issue called schizoaffective disorder,  diagnosed 9 years ago. That's the reason everything i do seems abnormal or crazy.

     Trans Females fetishes, customers demanding, the bitch war is huge!
    If i want to be successful i gotta love living the porn live! Cant hide my disorders on social media, others like me notice! Cant fight symptoms when desired, ill never do anything! If my porn is shitty or awesome, doesn't matter. Ride the Roller coaster do the best! 

    Besides Porn, i look at the Mental Health benefits when im creating adult entertainment.
    Social stigmas are worse than the disorders Medicine has no cure! I must create my own strategies to have a better quality of life!
    Fans Triggered me this Weekend, my bipolar manic phase kicks in & i finish more tasks in 3 days than others in 2 weeks, then wasted for weeks...
    Literally finished my 30 item to-do list before writing this!

    This was me 6-7 years ago!
    Social security provides all the basics, no need to think. Take meds, do therapy, no responsibilities, behave like expected. 
    No work insurance wanted to cover me! My meds are legally mind altering substances, technically drunk if driving or operating machines, if I hurt someone 100% my fault! Punishment for breaking the law? Forced therapy pending medical tests,  might be hospitalized forever! Panic, helplessness, depression, alcohol abuse, self hate. living at rock bottom!

    Submitted to brutal #BDSM #trainings!  It was 1000x times more effective against my disorder than years of therapy!  Blind trust to safely enjoy what had broken me in the past. My Dom/Sub relationship made me realize how beautiful after care is as it goes beyond love & discipline. Breaking my sick self was needed to rebuild over the Teenage Traumas & abuses, Fears & anxieties overwritten with emotional frustration & increasing pain, my tolerance & resilience was increased until past traumas became insignificant.

    Creativity & the expresion of my true sexuaity! i literally remade my life & self thanks to Porn.
    SexWork is real work! Amateur Pornhub Pornstar! Only tube guaranteeing to protecting our limitless human sexuality & its artistic expressions! Pornhub has always supported all my crazy projects. Several times have they looked out for my well being.

    OH BTW! TBT! Just like Dick or Pussy Size is irrelevant! No matter how you look! Somewhere someone is looking exactly for you!!!! One can trade everything with the correct community!
    Right posts with the right stuff can make free content the best view bombs ever! Free content is made by everyone all are over sharing weirdos giggle! 
    LGBTS+, #RolePlays, #Toys,  my community of #pornosexuals. #sissification & #bimbofication


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