Livestream not working

I've been told from lots of different people there is not ETA on the fix for live streaming on MC. Does anyone know how long it's actually been down for? THis was one of the main reasons I joined the site but now I'm having second thoughts as it seems that it has been down for MONTHS.

I've test live on mac... it will kinda work on some devices but then wont record. I tried it on chrome, wont stream at all. I tried the go coder app, wont work. So I'm at a loss. THey keep saying the the team is working on a fix, but now I'm being told it's been postponed.

Thought anyone?


  • This has been an ongoing issue. Ready to move my site elsewhere or just stick with ManyVids. No new skin templates, no store functionality to sell anything aside from videos, no way to really interact with subscribers in a live cam show. They drive NO traffic to my site unless I use MCProfits, which is basically just them making money off of my content on tube sites. The focus is all on where they're making money now, which is over on fancentro. I've stuck it out since 2015, but this is a losing & frustrating venture.
  • Been more than a year they are working on a fix!!! Never been fixed and probably never will be (they had plenty of time in a year to fix it).
    I do my live stream on another platform

  • Hi there! I totally understand your frustration. Our team is a bit overloaded at the moment and they're working on fixes in order of how they're queued, ETA for livestream fix is December/January, but hopefully sooner!
  • "at the moment"???
    More than a year is not really "at the moment"! lol
  • It has been longer than a year
    i have been having issues with the livestream since i openend my site 2 years ago
    model center is just not fixing anything at our sites cus all their support is getting sucked up by fancentro
    here this streaming service is a swiz one
    it has a Discord group for support and it works wonders

    only thing is its for gamers where you can if you want do nude stuff

    use chaturbate to livestream
    its awesome u get bots and the members are awesome

    honestly forget our sites stream and register in one of the 2

  • and if ur really up for a challenge go to pornhub and register at their streaming service

    i have the dark and sad suspicion that the best thing we models can do is just switch to pornhub cus ModelCentros Website is gona die next year leaving us without a website
    i have been moving all my important business directly to pornhub. 

    Now with the the pornhub content store and with Pornhubs Fanclub which is basically a membership area with exclusive content and the new request content section we actually dont really need our website anymore.

    If you have a Pornhub account and ur website is also Synct you will notice that all the meta tags and porn details you add to your files never arrive and actually ruin your search chance. PH search engines ability to find your files suckes and your vids get a shitty watermark giving model centro earning they dont deserve.

    Its a sad but true fact that i have missed many earning opportunities cus the team has not solved many of the bigger problems we have. i was so enthusiastic and out of this world happy when i opened my site but now, i never use it, no members of mine ever visit and all my subscriptions just moved to Pornhub 
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