Tip Tuesday -- Dive into SEO!!!

While it's great to be on the front page, there are going to be days that your profile may be a little lost in the shuffle. But you can help by adding an awesome description to your profile! Not only will a great profile description give your fans tons of info about what to expect on your chat, but it'll also help them find you. Here's a quick read on SEO and why it is so important to keep in mind while working your profile. The more specific you can be the better, so dive into your profile and start working on those buzzwords!


  • I can only add the usage of Google Search Console> Performance > Queries > then check Countries and compare to see if you can get more relevant word chains into ur profile, expanding vocabulary for relevant countries.  
    Sometimes, in my experience Europe, neighbouring countries search for the same content but have slightly different ways of writing it into the search.
    Some times its a single letter that keeps us off the search results

  • I started reading more topics from this page and realized the whole thing is outdated...

    Google updated their SEO rules again this year! 

    https://monitorbacklinks.com/  just bait to pay for something Googles Search Console does automatically when one clicks on LINKS
  • I will never begin to understand SEO as it is. Even worse since it keeps changing overnight!
  • SORRY WRONG PLACE TO POST thi is fancentro
  • hello, can your tell me what is seo about...?
  • cool guy said:
    hello, can your tell me what is seo about...?
    SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it's a way for Google and other search engines to 'read' your site and give you better visibility in search results. Here's a link that can help explain the basics.
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