GET THAT LAMBO!!! Here's a tip: $69 your fans!

Earning tips is one of the simplest ways for your fans to get that Lambo! They tip you $69, they earn a ticket. What could be better? We know you've already got tips enabled, so the only thing left to do is make them work for you. Give your fans a good reason to tip by offering special content, giveaways, and your own contests. Want to really rack 'em up? Run your own giveaway/personal show/meet n' greet where the only way for fans to enter is with a $69 tip.


  • Does this apply to ModelCentro fan tips? 
    ie; member tips or gifts $69 on, they get an entry? 

    Please clarify. 
  • Unfortunately no, this particular giveaway is FanCentro only.
  • for  some reason  when  i  try  to  sign up  to  participate it  is not  accepting my  phone number format ? 
  • Hi @ebonygoddess!
    Here is the required phone number format: E.g.: +1 xxxxxxxxxx 
    Let us get our team to contact you directly via live chat and assist ASAP. 
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