GET THAT LAMBO!!! Refer a Friend and Earn Gold!

If you haven't jumped on the influencer referral program, what are you waiting for??? This is seriously the easiest way to sit back and earn Golden Tickets, so grab your link and start sharing it!

Here's how to get started:

1. Join the Lambo Giveaway in your admin panel.

2. Once you're in, we'll give you a referral link. (You can find it under Option 3 here:

3. Go crazy with that referral link. Post it on your socials, email it to friends, whatever it takes to let them know you've got a money-making, car-winning opportunity they've GOT to check out.

4. If they sign up through your link, whenever they earn $69, YOU earn a Golden Ticket! NO LIMITS! As long as they're earning, so are you!

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