Feature Friday BONUS EDITION! A New Feature Designed to Make Cancellations a Thing of the Past!

Every so often the dreaded occurs...a member decides to cancel their membership. It's obviously a bummer, but in the past we haven't really had a way to sweeten the pot for members who decided that they want to split.

That all changes NOW!

After a lot of development and a lot of thought, we're proud to announce an all new Cancellation Offer as an alternative when a member decides to cancel their account. That means you keep earning and your fans continue to enjoy your content.

So? How does this amazing offer work? 

It's easy! Now, when a fan clicks on Cancel Membership, a popup with the Cancellation Offer will appear to invite the user to stay on your website at a discounted price instead of cancelling.

Sure, you'd be taking a little bit of a financial hit, but that's better than losing the subscription altogether!

Of course, if the fan is dead-set on canceling their subscription, they can. This is just a small effort to try and keep as much money in your pocket as we can!

How it can be enabled? 

Enable the all-new Cancellation Offer by visiting My Site – Prices & Discounts (https://modelcentro.com/site-financials) You can also read more about the Cancellation Offer by clicking here: http://help.modelcentro.com/website-financials/cancellation-offers-for-your-members


  • do our subscribers memberships get removed mannually when expires or?
  • I love this! Does the cancellation offer extend to members who are already subscribed to my site, or will it only be offered to members who sign up after I enable the offer?  :)
  • Hey there!

    @tskatieklark Memberships are automatically removed once they end

    @Catpaws The cancellation offer will be suggested to all members who are subscribed to the selected join option - it doesn't matter if it's an old or new user
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