Model Profiles

I would love an option for a model profile page as part of our header links, for members to browse. It could use information we put into the Guest Models profiles we already have. I'm envisioning a basic page that shows the model picture and name, and then when you click on it you're directed to basic model information: I am particularly interested in an about me blurb, birthday, location (optional), social media buttons, a "Follow" option that will alert members when new content is posted with that model, an option to message the model (though that would require Model Accounts to exist, which is a separate request), and the content that model is in.

Also, is there any way to see what new features are being developed? I think it would help prevent repetitive requests if we could see what is already in the queue. 


  • Kitty,

    I am actually working with someone now with modelcentro and she is trying to find out for me if that is possible for them to customize it for me.  They have done other customization on my site before and they were very accomodating.  I think as long as it's not a very time consuming request they usually will do it for you if u ask them to.  And I think what we are both asking is a pretty simple task so hopefully they will do it.  
  • Yeah, same here, you can ask them anything you want. 
    I asked support to add my XVideos PornStar Ranking with a own tab. 
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