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Hello everyone, I’m LittleRedBunny. I’ve been a cam model for just over 10 years now and have won multiple awards, been profiled and interviewed in adult and mainstream media publications and worked hard to earn a well-respected image and recognized brand in the Adult Webcam Industry. I have been invited to speak on multiple seminars and panels around the world on improving a model’s performance, earnings, increasing fan bases, using social media and branding.

I started my LittleRedAcademy two years ago to help models and studios improve working conditions, motivation and earnings. One aspect I am focusing on is to try to help do this on an industry-wide scale. So, I have released the first of a yearly survey for cam models (independent and studio) and studio owners to get a better idea of the demographics, work habits, earnings, products and technology used, practices, experience and feedback from across the globe.

I am humbly asking everyone to not only take part in this survey, but to share the survey with others and spread the word so we can get as many voices and feedback as possible. I see contributing to this survey as not only an opportunity, but a responsibility to help improve an industry that many people, including myself, really love being a part of. My hope is this will be many little steps towards big change and improvements for everyone.

To take the survey or get more information, you can go to LITTLEREDACADEMY SURVEY and become a part of this historic event.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post below in the forum.

For additional news and updates about the survey look for and use #LittleRedAcademySurvey and follow:

            Twitter: @LittleRedAcadem


            About LittleRedBunny Academy:


  • Hello littleredbunny. Thank you for sharing your life experiences and meeting the entire community. I am a faithful follower of yours and you have become an example for all the girls who have just started working in adult cams. Webcammer work is hard but has many benefits for women who want to achieve economic independence
  • Hi! I also want to be part of the webcam girls and get all the advice you can give me, but I couldn't contact them or find more information to get started. I've been looking for you on the site you mention and but no luck. I hope you see my message here and we can come to an agreement to start my independent career. Thank you very much!
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