I would like to know why Bhalasada feels he can duplicate my site address...

OK, so first, let me start, I´m Natalie K & I chose a .xxx so to could keep SEO search clean on my website name for the .com, it´s a wedding ring shop, opened, strangely when my partner & I got together in 1998.
So, I run many sites since 2005 when we first began our adult business, filming my own content and parties, new girls in the British porn business & so forth, I then closed my server & websites in 2015 as I wanted to come here to modelcentro, start fresh with a new website, https://NatalieK.xxx 
It´s my only aka stage name & as said, the .xxx google search & other seo for IE seems that my site name only shows urls & content when using my name with a porno word, xxx adult porn hotwife, you name it, but it works well for me & I like it.

So, I noticed in 2016 NatalieK.co.uk was purchased by Adam Blake, his address shown on the WhoIs back then and now with only & same one owner, he still owns this website. The owner bhalasada was using it to torment me, abusing me by sending traffic from false NatalieK twitter accounts, therealNatalieK and so forth, then the .co.uk had a tube site on it.

He has now started another twitter nataliek123, taken up my affiliate program and now, directing traffic to the .co.uk and then forwarding the site onto my site.

While some people say this is ok for traffic and if sending to my site, it could give more sales, I don´t need them compared to having a .co.uk using my images and my links. I want him to just let the site go and close it up, leave it there. Stop the abusive behaviour. 

Some may think this is nothing much, but this is not the only abuse he has given me and my partner. For years of online stalking, fake twitters saying I would meet people.

This must stop. I´m asking model centro to demand he deletes the .co.uk & the twitter, just gets rid of it. He has a website here, he would not like me to get the bhalasada.store and abuse him, and i´m sure no one else here would like there website name used by another person! Most other companies, brazzers, playboy, they do not allow any site names similar to there own to be used by the affiliates, here the same should apply, especially by one of our own site owners, we´re all meant to work together. Not annoy each other!

Please demand this now and I hold no grudges. Life´s too short!

Thank you, rant over, hoping something will be done.
Natalie K xxx


  • an update, if you are reading this Adam, and by now you should know I am not a sarcastic type...

    Thank you for removing my content from twitter, forwarding to the .com is a cool move and thank you for stopping the .co.uk, hoping you may just drop it or maybe send to the .com but other than this, for you to own is not really any point.

    With this, if you do want to promote me, I welcome you to place links, banners or FHG to my site from any of your own regurlar sites, you could find a huge conversion ratio. 

    Anyway, as said, thank you, very mature & a cool move. Hoping any grudges between us can be put behind us. 
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