My offer to modecentro

I consider mcprofits to be shite.

As such, because I know have zero faith in your abilities to do anything worthwhile with mcprofits, I will offer to run it for free.

I say free, because I believe if mcprofits was any good, it would make me (and others) a lot of money.

I have no interest in you saying give us feedback, as I did this 3 years ago, and find the, 'we have plans', excuse drivel.

So can you let me run it correctly, rather than have it run by people who seem to have never been affiliates themselves and simply are guessing/presuming what affiliates want.


  • you wouldn´t run it fair, you wouldn´t promote me and maybe others like me, where you have been caught out impersonating or purchasing sites in the same name.

    How can you suggest you would be good for modelcentro, when you wouldn´t run it fair?

    Do you still own my website name and run it as a TACamateur site? This a pretty shady thing to do personally!
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