Be careful using music on your vids

One thing I will warn people about.

Over the years I warn people, do not use music on your vids, even in the background.

You may find it becomes a very very very very expensive copyright claim.

Personally I would not recommend you do this on webcam too.

If you want to use music, I would suggest getting legal advice before you do as it could save you thousands of pounds/dollars.

This also includes having the TV on in the background, and even filming with a poster or painting in the background, as you are using content that may be deemed as copyright.

And these days more and more, big firms are using clever software to scan the internet for even a few seconds of there content.

A few weeks ago a friend was told to remove a vid from youtube, because of copyright. W sat and listened to the clip several times until we noticed that for a few seconds, you could just make out a pop song someone had playing in a car. You could only hear it with the sound up full. In this case all that happened was he was asked to remove the clip. However this could have cost him money.


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