How to get sales (a few tips)

  • Use Twitter
You need to use twitter.

But be careful how you use it. I see many just fill up twitter with hundreds of rubbish posts. In the end making the account horrid to read.

Your aim is to get re-posts.

My advice is to post non nude pics/vids. If you post nude, you may get lots of views, but you are also giving it away for free.

I have got sales on the basis people have wanted to see pics of a single model I have shot. They joined as they could only see her fully clothed.

  • Post content weekly at least
I have seen people post content months apart, then have moaned they have not got sales. I would not join a site that did not upload content.

  • Keep going
Many upload two sets of pics/vids, then quit as they expected a lot of sales.

It may take time before you start to see sales.

In truth you do not want sales too soon if you have not much content, as people will join, then leave.

Once you have a lot of good content, not only will you get sales, but people will re-bill.

If you find people join, then do not stay members, then you have a problem - you need to add more or/and better content to keep your members staying longer.


  • you don´t need to use social media like Twitter, especially as this is going to be non adult sooner than later...

    I suggest starting lots of tube site channels, it´s working better for me since my twitter was closed, and less time wasted!

    My tube channels like connects with our studio channel

    I also have xvideos and pornhub channels and pornstar pages, this works for solo models and studios with decent footage to show.
  • @Nataliek does the tube site help sales to your site? 
  • @Nataliek does the tube site help sales to your site? 
    absolutely and you can set up studio accounts with them so the channel sends traffic with a banner from under the free view vids.

    Once I´ve sorted a few other outlets, i´ll use xvideos, pornhub and xhamster, a free 10min scene to send viewers to both my site and their premium sites where I also sell the full scenes.
  • @Nataliek I'll definitely check it out! Thank you so much!!!
  • where do we post content?
  • where do we post content?
    The full length vids on ur website and then cut some short promo vids and upload them to your favorite tubes.
    Or you just go directly to Pornhub or Xvideos

    im gona focus on PornHub cus they have a Fancub and ModelHub now
    also the steming service of theirs is awesome

  • I'm nervous about giving them my personal information given their shady past and anti-preformer history. Has the climate in their admin change over the past year?
  • Mya Kulpa said:
    I'm nervous about giving them my personal information given their shady past and anti-preformer history. Has the climate in their admin change over the past year?

    Xvideos has had a monetization change and offers RED now as performer u need to pay to be able to comment on ur own files. Unfair
    Pornhub is the best, modelhub and fanclub give you memberships and content store with a super new video request section
    not to mention the social media like discord and reddit
  • The tubs sites are the best for promotion -  yes you do need to give a little to make them want more.  Folks that say giving away free content is bad - are folks that don't make $$!!  IT's 2020- people are used to free shit - and in the case of my site, that means literally  and figuratively speaking lol.   If you record WEEKLY, then giving away a bunch of free pics and videos shouldn't kill your business.  Don't give the house away, but you want to post 5 minute promo videos and tons of harcore free pics too.  My theory is for every 100 followers, if you have one paying customer - that is a win.  90% of porn watchers are freeloaders.  Your job is the same as selling spring water by the bottle.  Why do folks still buy bottled water when they can drink from the tap for free? Lol you gotta CONVINCE them this is better than tap.  I see models with that "I dont do nothing for free" mindset - those are the ones that NEVER make money. complain the most too.

      Pornhub is the best $$ wise, but spankbang, thisvid, xvideos, xhamster, eroprofile are all good places to promote your content.  Twitter is a cash cow personally for me - I would say at least 40% of my subs come from there. for now it's the last hope for social media.  
  • I include a pic and a link to the video in my MC site. I upload an edited preview to each of my videos. In my tweet in include an interesting description to pique the interest of the viewer. Here are examples of what they see when they click the links in my tweet. To increase the value of hastags, I use them in sentences, rather than just listing them. I also include attribution to any models shown in the video and have those models retweet my post as well.

    The point is to make your tweets very valuable to anyone looking for the content that you offer.
  • Does anyone use Sync and does it help? Or is it better to not link Pornhub so u can earn on Pornhub?
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