Valentines day deals for both website owners and affiliates & review sites looking for make money

I thought i´d create this thread for everyone promoting a valentines deal, so affiliates can check up easy and see who´s doing deals, they can promote your site and make higher earnings while the chance & likewise, you´ll gain new affiliates & gain more sales!

So i´ll start with my site, this year I thought i´d offer a 3 month pass at half price, so the fan joining receives 3months pass, giving full access to all my vids and photo sets, and all for just $25! It´s recurring, so the customer could stay a 3 or 4 rebills, a year is likely, especially with my daily updates and custom vids included in membership!

I´d hope webmasters into good business transactions see the good deal here, as usually I´d give 30 or 40% off my monthly pass, but obviously with the affiliate gaining 50%, this would be less than $10 each sale, where as, this years deal of 3 months for the price of 1, 50% off, at $25, you as the affiliate will earn $12.50 a sale and my sales ratio is reasonably high with my regular updating!

My official site is & as you can see from my reviews with quite a few review sites, my site´s review is extremely high scores, nearly if not top of mature, pornstars, milf & amateur productions...

Welcoming you to sign up through MCprofits or you can join me this Valentines as an ongoing valued affiliate signing up through my program 

Once sign up, make a campaign, simply logging into mcprofits and clicking on my pornstar name "NatalieK" and you can get your affiliate link, personally, setting up a few campaigns like "social media" "forums" "blogs" is a good start, you could set up further and in depth by setting a campaign for each social media, i.e twitter facebook etc etc and the same for forums and blogs etc... 

Once you´ve done this, I personally have my own blog, it will help you stay up to date with all my updates and easier for you to check out banners and FHG or images you can save and use, if for use to send your quality valued traffic to my official site. And this blog is 

I hope you find a moment to sign up and I can welcome you personally, looking forward to seeing both you and I make lots of money from your traffic and my continued commitment to give my valued fans what they like to see and this in turn, giving your sale a higher retention, staying with me for many months or hopefully years to come!

All the best & have a great Valentines day, Kisses, Miss Natalie K xxxx


  • are no other websites offering Valentines specials & is there no review sites promoting Valentine or daily deals?
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