The FanCentro 2018 Top Features Roundup!

2018 was a great year for FanCentro! The discount feature took off, we unrolled our banners, and turned your profile into your own social media Feed! With all of the new developments you might be a little overwhelmed, but fear not! We've got you covered with the 2018 Top Features Roundup!!! Here we'll explain each feature, and how you can easily boost your sales and earn more in 2019. 🎉

The Feed -- The Feed was designed to make your FanCentro profile feel more like a home base for your fans--a place they can visit to find out what their favorite influencers (you!!!) are up to and see exclusive content. You check up on your friends via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, right? This is the same idea, BUT they have to pay to play! With the Feed, fans subscribe to view your posts--the more you post, the more subscribers are going to get curious about what they're missing by not checking out your Feed! The Feed is a great way to post photos, clips, or news about shows and special events. Because it's a subscription based feature, you can earn more, even offline. Taking a vacation? Let the Feed work for you! Program content to post automatically--it's INSANELY simple to use, and a the perfect way to keep the money rolling in. 
Find out all about how to enable the Feed and start earning here: 

Discounts -- Everybody loves a discount, and we wanted you to score big by offering your fans a deal. The newly released Discount feature allows influencers to cut prices and pull in more subscribers. The amount, duration, and type of discount is up to you, just choose a subscription offer or create a new one! You can do a special weekend sale or set your subscriptions on permanent markdown. Fans will love that they're getting a deal, and everyone is more likely to treat themselves when there's a $ale involved! 
Find out how to create a discount here: 

Banner Generator -- Promotion is THE best way to grow your fans, and we want to make it easy to spread the word. The FC banner generator was created so you can whip up a super cool promo banner in minutes to share special events or just promote your profile. You choose the size based on which social media platform you want to use, upload a pic and voila! Your banner is done! 
To get started, just login to your profile, click "Promotion" and select "Banners" -- the process is quick and painless, we promise!

Each year, the FC team tries to evaluate exactly what you need to succeed, and we hope that our 2018 features have been helpful! We're already working on ways to drive your success in 2019, so stay tuned as FC keeps getting bigger and better!

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