Tip Tuesday Presents: The Best Features of 2018!!!

Here's a look at the top FC Features that launched this year--are you using them all?

The Feed -- Talk about BIG! The Feed revolutionized how you sell content and lets you make money straight from your profile! 
Find out all about how to enable and start making 🤑 on your Feed here: http://community.modelcentro.com/discussion/1587/introducing-the-feed/p1

Discounts -- This year the discount feature became a reality so you can cut prices for your fans and attract all new followers!
Find out how to start slashing prices here: http://community.modelcentro.com/discussion/1709/tip-tuesday-2018-11-27-dive-into-discounts/p1

Banner Generator -- The FC banner generator is a great promo tool! Generate your own social media banners to promote your profile or announce a special promo offer!
It could not be easier! Login to your profile, click "Promotion" and select "Banners" to get started!
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