All I want for TIPS! 💰 Tip Tuesday will tell you how!

Let it snow? ❄️ NO! Make it RAIN! ☔️

Increase your holiday spending by enabling Tips! 

You know your fans love you, so why not give them the chance to show you just how much? Enable the Tips feature and earn bonus income, even when you're offline! You gotta try it! Here's how:

1.    Login to your FC Profile

2.    Go to ‘Profile’

3.    Go to ‘Subscription Offers’

4.    Click on ‘Add Tips’

5.    Choose ‘Enabled’

6.    Look for the Tip tab to automatically appear in your FC profile.

You can even promote a direct link to your Tip Page on social media with Fans don't even have to be registered to show you some love ❤️

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