Your App is Updated! Feature Friday 11/16/18

Upload more! 🤳🏽

We've added some awesome new features to the MC app, including a major change to your Uploads option. Now you can upload multiple files through your app to publish, send as a PM, or save!

Glitching-out 🕷

Every app bugs out now and then--this update features fixes to exterminate some of the glitches.

A New Vision 👀

To enhance your experience, we've updated the app with some visual improvements that'll make your screen time a little bit prettier. 

🤖 Get the app at Google Play:

🍎 Get the app at the Apple Store:


  • I have an iphone X and the app is still very glitchy. All comments say they are on an untitled video (they were on photosets) and I cant send photos with a message, I have to send the message then the media. HOWEVER I am very happy to see that we can now add photos and videos the UPLOADS section. Thank you for that!
  • Im so happy right now!!!  :)
  • Thank you for letting us upload right from the app!!! I'm gonna save so much space on my phone!!!  o:)
  • Greeting!
    Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience with us—and we agree, that there are some issues that still need to be fixed. We are working on it and hope that the issues will be fixed shortly! 

  • edited July 2020

    Congrats on the Update!
    Was torture testing all weekend!!!
    Wasted my battery, 4G, Wifi and every app i had installed just to see when the app crashes!

    Android App Review:


    The app itself doesn't crash, not a single time so far.
    (torture tested switching apps while doing heavy tasks.)
    The baterie: 
    During normal usage the phone stays responsive and consumptions is below average. (Compared to Facebook Page Manager) 
    The app stays unlocked sometimes. Even after screen goes black or when locking manually.

    Creating files with app: 

    Taking Pictures:
    If hasty i get a glitch with broken Pictures!
    Several pictures in a row and they get corrupted half of the times. I assume the buffer gets overwritten to early. The broken pics arrive at Dashboard. Naming never fails.
    Taking Videos: Quality is very good! Nice recording codec!
    Looks good, no jittering or pixelation on a phone screens. 
    Video files dont give errors when creating and uploading several in a row!
    Rendering status not refreshing:
    Dashboard shows rendering complete while app never shows the finished tasks.
    Restarting the app refreshes the files and all worked perfectly.
    Well placed and the color scheme is perfect for my taste.
    I could use a little bigger menu fonts or more space  in the side menu, i keep pressing 2 at same time. Giggle!
    In my manic techie opinion: 
    Awesome Job! It works as promised! Almost irrelevant glitches easily overlooked. Its not the Dashboard but does the job wonderfully. Im very very happy, eager to see where it goes from here!  but 

    My final score: 7,5/10   

    Kudos and well done MC Team!
    Android App is a good build.

    Your Overly Excited Tester 
  • Hello @Melkanea!
    Thank you for your time and review <3 
    We are constantly working on improving our mobile app. I will definitely forward this information to our devs and ask them to fix these issues :)

    Have a great day!
  • With pleasure @Rebecca Mitchell  A fair "Resource RevShare"!  <3 <3 <3 
    Used to be a Game/Software Tester!  B)
    link If the app can be reviewed! :wink: 


    Its a Win-Win-Win-Win for me.  
    1.App is free. Wont run out of trying. 
    2.I WILL find something to report, show results for all.
    3.Know app in depth, apply better for business.
    4. App improves faster. Give back to community. Unspoken respect points with MC and DMs

    With enough effort, eventually a voice when it comes to new features!   :D :D :D

    Always enjoyed the chaos of bug hunting or find ways to improve what already exists.


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