Happy November! Feature Friday 11/2/18 is here

Share the Love!
Enable the Social Sharing feature on your admin panel so your fans don't miss a thing. Automatically announce new videos, photosets, live shows, and more. This is the perfect way to turn your followers into fans!


Get Promoted!
Enabling MC Profits allows affiliates to promote your site and send traffic your way. More traffic = more $$$ for you! Log into your admin panel, go to the 'Promotion' tab, and click on 'Details and Setup'. What could be easier?

Blog All About It!
The more you give, the more you get, and your fans want to know ALL about you! Start a blog to give fans more to explore on your site. 

Set it up here: https://modelcentro.com/blog


  • is this possible to access from the app?
  • Hello! As of now, Feature Friday is not accessible from the app, but we do post the features on Instagram each Friday with swipe up options in the story.
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