Editing Sets/Videos and Scheduling Store Items


So a few changes I would absolutely love!

1) When I make minor edits to a set or video (example: editing the tags), I would really like it if I didn't have to republish it. I have to turn off the automatic social media sharing so I'm not advertising "new sets" that have existed since the dawn of time, and there's notifications and e-mails going out telling my members I have new content when I just deleted a tag. 

2) Are we going to be able to schedule store items in the future? I would really like my store items to go live at the same time, or on a scheduled time, in relation to the set/video going live - rather than having to manually add it whenever I wake up and get around to it. It feels sloppy when my content comes out at a specific time, but then my store items appear at random. 

Thanks so much!


  • Great suggestions, Kitty!!! I've passed them on to our team, so keep an eye out for updates and we'll be sure to post new updates as they appear  <3
  • Thanks, Brooke! ^_^
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