Win an all-expense paid trip to the 2019 AVN Show in Las Vegas with the FC Halloween Contest!

No tricks, just TREATS! We've brewed up two sexy, spooky challenges to give you double the chance to win a trip to the AVN Show in Las Vegas! The winners will also have their own autograph signing in our booth!

There will be two challenges in October (Challenge #1 October 1-14, Challenge #2 October 15-30) and you will have 14 days to complete each. Winners will be announced via social media pages and FanCentro community posts.

Read the full contest rules here:

Good luck to everyone! 


  • Sounds fun too I read this was only for fancentro owners :-( you running any competitions for website owners on model centro too? Would be amazing to go AVNs one day!
  • Big Johnny !
    We might have some sort of contest for MC website owners as well, stay tuned! :) 
  • Sounds wicked Sasha!
  • edited October 2018
    Could there be a weirdest kinkiest freakiest site award? Giggle. 

    Seriously the tickets sound awesome, i wouldn't even know how to start to prepare for such an event as a new comer.
    For me winning such an award is so far out of my reach right now that it kinda depresses me each time.

    It would be amazing if we could earn rewards by completing goals with our sites, fancentro and community.

    Dashboard integrated timed reward system based on small, medium and important tasks to have a working well visited sites for starters and connect our community. 

    Some tasks may take minutes some take hours or days and months. People would discover all the small little tricks and features we have but never use fully.
    Encouragement will never lack, success rate of each model will increase resulting in better earning for all parties. By adding a minuscule RevShare % on each earned reward to pay for more prizes then everyone could get a piece.

    This idea came to mind when discussing Video Game programming. By adding this kind of rewards system programers could increase peoples success, enthusiasm, cooperation and consistency, resulting in increased earnings that increased rewards the more players kept cooperating.

    Just saying it would be cool if it was easy to make such an update.

  • @Melkanea thank you! Very very nice ideas :) 
  • @SashaGreen It seems that im on a roll of great ideas lately!

    Im just sharing what i was told by my programmer buddy.
    Since i joined MC to become Pro and getting enough fans and other models i see what the issues are everyone is struggling with.

    There are tons of CMS out there, jet none that compares or gets even close to what MC can do and the advantages we receive a mouse click away. Its either Build a Page from scratch and host the thing with a basic CMS or rent miserable server time with bugs. Fight tons of obstacles, only to get a half assed working site with unwanted advertisements and pointless costs that got flagged by google.

    I mean updating will never end but the improvements in the past year have been incredible.
    Im really sad that i dont have the actual qualifications to work for MC!

    Before such a reward system. Asking the community to create tutorials would be a start!
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