I want to say first that I like ModelCentro - it's easy to use and makes everything simple. I love that. My own complaint is with myself, lol. 

I am feeling discouraged with my members site. Everyone was saying it was hard - yes it's hard, lol. 

I'm not making enough from it to live on atm, which was my ideal - to have my members site as my main source of $$$$ and then clips sites be my side eggs.

According to Google Analytics my site is converting 180:1. 50 views/day is my average traffic. 

I know my traffic is very low. I'm frustrated with the lack of growth, both in members and in traffic. I drive my own traffic. I've done review sites, have my site linked with my tube site accounts, linked my site on clip stores and promote it on social media. 

Things possibly hurting my site: 
- Until recently, a lot of it was BBW fetish centered / less vanilla content. 
- I don't do hardcore / b/g scenes? I've gotten complaints with this...the most I could do to change that is more solo vanilla content? 
- I don't do member cam shows (no interest in it at all anymore) 
- I'm priced at 24.99 / month? I have no idea what to price it as anymore honestly...maybe I'm too high?

I'm changing the way I'm doing things now, more consistent uploads, uploading multiple times a week. More mainstream / less niche fetish content. 
I'm starting a WP platform blog that I'm hoping will give me some SEO juice and organic traffic to point  towards my site...

Anyways...yes, I'm discouraged lol. I feel like I put a lot more work into this and it's not paying off financially...then they have the bonus of being able to download ALL of my work for a low price. When I get a member canceling, I kind of take it personally? Which is ridiculous...but I do. 

I look at OnlyFans and girls with 100's of videos and pics for 11.99 a month...is that the "new" membership site model? To be priced lower with a ton of content? 

Has anyone else felt this way at all? Has anyone else struggled with membership site growth? Or am I just making this way too complicated for myself??


  • I've found that sites with more personal interaction get the best conversions. I've had models with 10 videos do more sells then ones that have 100s. using your live feature to just talk on cam or as your personal blog as if you would use fb live or instagram live provides a better exp. then emailing or texting your base.  you can try to clip store feature of the site as well instead of running a member site. but all the features will be limited
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    I feel you! but then I'm currently running onlyfans (who get a 15% discounted link to leanights.com) manyvids sidedaddy & iwantclips AND I work in a legal brothel. I only launched leanights.com on the 1st. but i'ed still like to see a bit more traffic than I am
  • True what doll house says. Even with great and plenty content if you dont tend to social networking no one is going to want to watch your new files cus noone knows you exist.

    I then just signed up to the 3 biggest Tubes, got all the legal stuff solved. Studio here, Pornstar there, Camming and as many social networks i can get my hands on. Gathered followers and fans and likes and shit. once you reach a certain critical mass of users who know your content new users come every day without much effort. xHamster is a great place, one can get a content Store/Studio and Cam using StripChat with one account. In

    I kinda created a Social Media Routine, i open my all 14 social media bookmarks at once and spend a limited amount of time on each. Besides facebook, where its becomes ridiculous with messenger and phone calls, i manage to easily answer to all my fans and followers.

    Now that i got SMO figured out i can safely create content i like and know i will find a corner where its appreciated and grow in influence.
    But seriously, people told me when i had just started that it takes a couple of years to get really going.
    I started in April last year, 2017 sucked. No visitors no views in tubes. 2018 started slow now its working out great, tube vid views vent over 10k in no time.
    i found my fetish stream where people already expect me to create new files. 

    My last 5 vids have been purely inspired by fans and followers. Just read their comments, look for what kind of kinky detail are rare, would look cool and be fun to do.
    My most private kink as a fan request was Praying Foot Fetish. I had to read the bible while praying with my feet and being sexy with the soles cus only feet. Giggle! Also one of my weirder Sissy Brainwash Fantasies was banned from Xtube cus i went to far with the wordplay. No ilegal words but the phrasing was to heavy for some. You cant imagine the amount of messages i got asking what happened to the video, thats how i really found where all the sissies hang out and that got me to HypnoTube, a place where only mind game fantasies are uploaded. 

    So you see, its not straightforward. its risky u gota do stuff have initiative to explore and fail miserably.
    Just keep trying and learning and in no time people will be faping to your content

    I started to go look for the porn consumption, who? where? and what do they like? Do i like the Fetish or kink? Finally is it worth my time creating content, advertising, socializing and establishing a trust relationship with the community or forum if they are a nonexistent niche or one so huge that your contente gets drowned instantly. Gota pic your battles carefully cus if its reddit more than a shitstorm you get banned.

    The math is simple, the more places you can share your links, are active and relevant for free the bigger your porn spiderweb will be, bigger the chances catching your audience.
    Twitter for instance, if i post a new blog out of the blue, i get 2 hearths. My 2 best friend. Now, if you go to your social media and announce you are writing a blog, drop an out of context fragment of your blog people will start imagining way before and you can check if they are interested and adapt to what they want to read.

    Free Titti pics well placed into the blog will get exactly the expected effect.

    Im Transgender for example would need to pic among Crossdresser, tranny, shemale, ladyboy, dickgirl, futa etc.
    i picked a hidden one "Sissy"

    Now i  Consider that  and one uses them to earn small coins from previews of your websites content. Like u make a 35min movie at 1080p for your site and then cut the vids into smaller pieces. or recycle several into a PMV

    different tubes different requirements
    PornHub is best at 24min but highest views go to 10min vids, you will earn less adv but getting noticed is important.
    xVideos gives full at 10min vids at 1080p but can get longer videos to earn from memberships
    xhamster wont give adv cash but will advertise you as a Porn Actor. Link to Paysite and your Banner under each and every one of your files. Cheapest way of getting high quality high traffic for free. One can even register several Promo links. 

    Ok, i hope i helped! 

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