Scheduled Maintenance Announcement

Good day everyone!

Please note that we have scheduled regular maintenance on our servers that may impact your websites though we do not expect there to be any incoming or outgoing traffic interruptions.

Start Time of Intervention: 2018-03-14 23:00 UTC

End Time of Intervention: 2018-03-15 05:00 UTC

Thank you for understanding. 


  • Hello.

    My site does not work. Every time I try to open it just directs to fancentro home page.



  • Maya!

    You've blocked the country you are in from seeing your website. To be able to access your site, please log into your MC admin, go to 'Settings'  and exclude your IP address from blocking. 

    In case you need help, please contact our account managers via Live Chat on the website. 

  • Thank you for your help!


  • Is anyone having problems uploading video to there sites.  the 480p video and thumbnail are taken a while to generate but the 240 and 720p and larger are processing pretty fast?


    I am unable to upload as well. It seems to lose connection at 19%.

  • I'm having the same issue! I've tried uploading several, but the processing takes *forever* - I left one short vid processing last night and came back to it today, and it still hadn't finished after 19 hours. Glad to at least hear that others are having the same issue. :)

  • Reporting Issues after update: 

    Also having issues uploading new videos. Freezes at thumbnails update. 

    Customer Service Inaccessible. The anchored chat box that is usually in the lower right hand corner is missing. 

  • edited March 2018

    Can't add new discussions here. Can only respond to exisiting. 

    504 Gateway Error
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