Soundtrack use and royalty-free music resources

We’ve received numerous requests to cover the topic of music that you can use to create content or during live shows.

As you might already know, piracy is a bad thing. Performers that create digital content, such as the majority of this forum’s dwellers, suffer from it the most. Naturally, using someone else’s music without a license is piracy. Therefore, only use music that you have the rights to.

There are plenty of resources where you can get free or buy rights to use songs, tunes, tracks or melodies. I’ve taken some time and found quite a few:

If you know of any more websites like these, please share them in this thread.


  • I can use some of these for amazing StripTease, Dance, and Even Spicy Yoga Videos

  • That's a great music resources list, very helpful! I'm a also music composer and make music for commercial videos. If you still can't find the music you need, here are couple more music libraries you might consider:

    1) - focuses on music for promotional / business / training video, most licenses are under $20.

    2) - subscription site with unlimited royalty free music downloads for members. This can be a good alternative if you produce lots of videos and need music on the regular basis.

    Hope that helps.

  • Thank you @miksel!

    Question - for the subscription site... you can keep using the music after you've unsubscribed? I mean - if I'm making 30 vids a month and using the music now and say in a few months I want to take a long vacation and for the time being unsubscribe from the service, is this possible?

  • I had a yearly membership to which gave me a wide arrange of music for my videos to help set the mood. 

  • Great list, thank you! We usually enjoy having music when playing, so this is helpful to avaoid any legal issues...

  • You are welcome, Nia!

  • awsome ty

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