How does good marketing material look like?

Hi, any tip on how to create a good package for affiliates?
Resolutions, aspect ratios ect. Ready made banners? 
Feel a bit lost about that

Thanks of any input!


  • if you ask MC, they´re create banners for you...

    the zipped packages come from the FHG´s when you choose these images, you choose 15 for each set from the photo sets you create & add into your site photos.

    Personally, I try go for 3000x2000 and on my blog 1200x800...

    don´t hide anything, if you look at any professional site, brazzers, playboy, they never have ass pussy or tits covered with anything to hide the nipple, just show the photo, you´ve plenty inside your site to not worry about showing some freebies :smile:

    Hope this helps! x
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