We asked for our video's niches to be searchable for years, so Model Centro removed the feature

 🤣  🤣  🤣  🤣  🤣  🤣  🤣 

No new features in many years, just removing features. 

🤦 🤦 🤦 🤦 🤦 🤦 🤦 🤦 


  • They just fixed this yesterday.
  • Nope, still no niches need to be filled out. Only "tags" (tags can't be searched on your site either.)

    Your old videos that you added niches to will still have them, but they disabled/removed the feature for new videos. 
  • Yes. Its broken very, very badly!
  • Hello, as per my thread on here (a few months ago now);
    I emailed ModelCentro's management team to ask them to explain WHY they refuse to add the option of a Search Feature for us to use on OUR WEBSITES...
    Despite us (the customers) having been requesting this for years / this being a basic standard-feature of literally every single other website.

    The reason they (ModelCentro) gave for why they have not/and have no intention of adding a search feature for us to use on our websites is because:
    ''They (Modelcentro) do not have the Financial-Resources to implement that feature''.

    So any hope of them adding any new features is pointless ~ As they themselves have already confirmed they financially cannot afford to do anything.
  • Yep. I call BS, I know how much I alone have made them and before joining MC I had entire video site that I coded myself. They've already got sql databases with columns that have our niches/tags in it. 

    Searching videos is a verrrrrrrry basic thing that helps people find what they want, especially when we have hundreds of videos to go through page-by-page like MC wants them to.

    That's why I switched from MC. I like loyalty, but I am not sinking with a ship when I need to be fishing. 
  • AlexLady said:
     🤣  🤣  🤣  🤣  🤣  🤣  🤣 

    No new features in many years, just removing features. 

    🤦 🤦 🤦 🤦 🤦 🤦 🤦 🤦 

    do you have a website here? I notice a lot of moaning about MC, telling people to leave? 

    Would be nice to see your product...

    Mine´s https://NatalieK.xxx and my customers are happy with tags, tags are the same as niche of course.
  • Yee. I do. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to log in here. 🤗
  • AlexLady said:
    Yee. I do. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to log in here. 🤗
    knocking Modelcentro and having a site here, logging in and moving people out...

    fuck me side ways, i don´t get you or what you´re doing!

    Glad to take a pay check home every month and have members, fans or customers, all the same, all happy with MC and the site I provide...

    maybe the content is your problem, not the program! 
  • You say that as if I'm the only one noticing how out of date this place is  :D 
  • edited October 2022
    Also my content is selling juuuuust fine.... elsewhere. Again, top model on multiple cam sites for 10 years straight including top 5. Top 20 MFC model. 

    MC hasn't had a *single* new feature since I joined this place many years ago.

    They know I am right and that they won't ever do any improvements. That is why they are haven't been commenting "oh yes the search feature we promised you 6+ years ago... it is set to be out next week!"  ... or anything at all.

    Sinking ship!
  • nothing wrong with the ModelCentro site designs or background DB, if you check out any major porn site, not much has changed in the past 6 years, i´m glad to be using the "infinity" design, this with a membership & clips site, everything works well for me and my fans...

    any problems, you can just message the admin using the bottom right DM box...

    Pleasure to be with MC and the Centro team!
    Natalie K

  • edited October 2022
    I've been here since 2016 and have given up on asking for any feature development.


    MC has abandoned new development. When my customers ask me for basic search (as is available everywhere else), I have no useful response to them. I've lead development teams and currently develop corporate client sites.

    So, yes. MC is NOT doing anything to improve. All of the focus is on FC.
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