Uploading Video and Photos

Been trying to upload photos and video for a couple of weeks now. Nothing works. been going back and forth with support@modelcentro.com and get NO HELP and A LOT OF EXCUSES.

Does anyone else have an idea on how to get their site to work. It is obvious that the folks at ModelCentro have NO IDEA WHAT THERE DOING.


  • And... is anyone had it with getting that automated message from whatever the hell this is ....

    "Hi there! I am a bot beep boop, I'm here to answer your questions, ..."

    Maybe just a person who knows what they're talking about would help better. 
  • Hello, the MC customer service team don't respond to threads on here... :neutral:

    What error is it you're having when trying to upload?
    Also, what format is the content in?
  • What CUSTOMER SERVICE???? They don't get back to you anywhere. I have tried contacting them for help by email, twitter, Facebook and Instagram with no luck. I keep getting the same thing - Some automated crap - Hi there! I am a bot beep boop. I’m here to answer your questions.... What a joke.

    It appears all this is is some scam to collect personal info from people and maybe there banking info as well. 

    As far as file types? I can't even get to the point where that would matter. In the attached photo step 4 and 5 are dead links. You can not upload anything.
  • I have never had a problem uploading.

    Try using the phone app to upload, as I use this a lot for uploading vid.
  • psssst Bhala she's trying to upload her first content to start her site, not upload new content to an existing site like you're talking about. 

    Looks and sounds like it's broken. Do you get a 404 error or anything like that, Katrina? 
  • Click left under "My Site"  on Videos. There you can upload video.
  • Were you ever able to complete step 4 or get customer support? Maybe we can help.
  • Katrina said:
    What CUSTOMER SERVICE???? They don't get back to you anywhere.

    See the little button the bottom right...

    customer service right there ;) 

    You´re welcomed, Natalie K xxx


  • Indeed

    Just contact them via chat.

    Make sure you speak to a person.

    The bot chat seems pointless to be honest.

  • Any luck getting it to work Katrina?
  • AlexLady said:
    Any luck getting it to work Katrina?
    Are you going to spam your referral link hoping someone will move across?

    Strange. I thought with your new system you would be so busy getting sales you would have no time for this forum. You know, with your boring vids that no one wants to see, let alone pay for.

    Rather than posting on this site, you should do more of your dull vids.

    You know, sat in a chair with a toy as you seem to have zero imagination.

  • I have no problems uploading on Dektop PC on Modelcentro Website.
    Support also answers in time. 
    I have no problems with this.
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