Sort Video Content By Likes and Sales For Higher Profit

A sort feature; one key feature that's mandatory and missing, still. I'd, again, like to urgently suggest within the admin area being able to re-order my store items by the number of sales each one has received as well as my members videos by the number of likes they received. This helps me determined what type of content to make more of, boost and promote more as well as re-create after some time. This is where MC falls far behind the major clipsites that I sell content on. Thus I cater more to those sites and make more than 10x as much money on even the worst clipsite than I do with video sales on my MC store. I'm able to cater to those particular audiences much better, individually.


  • This would be very, very helpful and is in line with things several of us have been asking for. The current responses I've had from MC on such requests is basically no new features until all bugs are fixed. I've been asking for a regular content search in the admin back end since late 2017. I've given up on ever seeing that. 
  • I am new and dislike the way my videos and photos have been arranged. How do I go change these to suit my taste? Can I still do that?
    Sabrina the Entertainer
  • Bood, to my knowledge, unlike on most sites, you can't.
  • This is DEFINITELY a MUST! - SexTapeCreator
  • This should ABSOLUTELY be a feature. Surely this is the bare minimum of a successful clip site??
  • tbh, if you´re updating daily, your content is turning over page to page so fast, there shouldn´t be a reason to rearrange you content...

    just my 2 cents ... xxx
  • I've been asking for this for ages. The option to pin videos, featured, most popular etc 
  • We need to all quit using MC until they can give us basic features. 
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