Option to Search Videos and Categories on Model End

I have over 1000 videos in multiple categories that I am currently uploading. It would help a lot if models could search specific video/photo titles and categories on our end (like we can on SO MANY other sites). I have my own organization system now, but there is a few years worth of content that I have to go through manually to make sure I don't double upload. It would make it a lot easier if we could just search our own tags, categories, titles, etc. 


  • edited July 2021
    Wow I totally agree! 
  • I have asked for this since 2017. It must not be important to MC. 

    What I finally did was asked them to send me an Excel spreadsheet with all of my uploaded videos. I now search that. When I find the video I'm looking for, I copy & paste the URL and edit the info on MC.
  • I definitely agree with thisss
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