Downloading photo issue

I set up my page where you cannot download pictures/videos BUT I've learned there is an error via phone that there are ways they can still download them without even being a member. 

Naturally the picture shows the circle with the number on your photo and if they click on it it brings them into the "Select Join Option" page. The issue is if they hold down the photo and click add to photos it will save the photo with no watermark or anything but the entire picture. 


  • Hi there! I passed this on to support, and a member of the team will reach out to you via live chat to get this fixed :)
  • Thank you Brooke. I just don't want models to find out their cover photo can be downloaded without being a member. It should have some sort of warning just in case. Now that I learned the cover photo can be saved without being a member and no water mark I'll be posting a meme or PG version of photos just in case. 
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