Javascript FHG Complaints from Potential Affiliates

Hi I have received complaints from two big potential affiliates who won't promote me as FHGs are javascript and they have issues using them - is it possible to make the FHGs easier for them to use or have a non javascript version please? As its frustrating as know they could bring some quality traffic. Here are the complaints I have received from them:

"Normally I can parse FHG galleries in my script but in this case not because it's all javascript"


" I looked before but it's a pain in the ass to get good promocontent. Galleries are javascript only, that's very bad. Maybe in the future when its get better"

Hope something can be done and their feedback be taken on board,




  • Hi Johnny,

    Thanks so much for the feedback! I shared it with our support team, and they said you can offer affiliates the following options: they can either use your content separately (to add it in their own way, one by one) or use the link to FHG instead of hardcoding.
  • Hi Brooke,

    Thanks for the reply - how do they add my content separately - as they will probably ask me - will they be able to access they FHG promotional content from McProfits? 

    Also I will pass on the suggestion of them linking to my FHG rather than hardcoding and see what their replies are to your two suggestions. I will let you know their feedback

  • what happened here? Where is it that's having issue. I like to but they tell me that there are too many re-directs. :(
  • Some affiliates complain about JS FHGs cus they arent good webmasters.
    JS FGHs are awesome cus this way MC makes sure your files are protected and get monetized correctly
  • The problem is, if you use any system (like my site it cannot read the pics.

    A lot of webmasters who can bring in a lot (I mean a LOT) of sales will use automatic systems to load up there sites. And most cannot use these fhg's, because of that. 

    Modelcentro has a basic option for webmasters to download content. Some may do that, and make their own fhg's, but most will not.

    It would be better to have the option to download the fhg's for webmasters to host. 

    But i would also make sense to have non JS fhg's as well.

    The problem I see is that those running modelcentro seem to be guessing at what webmasters want, rather than know.

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  • Smkdout75 said:
    what happened here? Where is it that's having issue. I like to but they tell me that there are too many re-directs. :(
    on your base, you have to many banners going to too many places for thehun to accept their banner will be hit once...

    you need to remove some, maybe you have some review sites??

    good luck, Natalie K
  • Ohhhhhnow i see, lmao! Like always our beloved MC fucked up the FGH. it hosts imagens on http instead of https 
  • It is also rather difficult to get the list of fhg's.

    Most sites that ahave affiliate links, you go on and often have two options.

    1. They how you a list of fhg's with the url added. All you do is copy and past to your site.

    2. A dump. This option lets you select the site(s) you want the fhg's from, and what info and in what order. Often this is the url, a thumbnail, a description, a title, model. Then you have several options how to get this dump, such as on screen, a text file and so on.

    MC makes getting fhg's very difficult as they have two options.

    1. Each fhg. Rather than just being given a url, you need to keep typing some silly info in, before you get the url. It is very very very slow to do.

    2. The dump. MC offers a dump. But this is a bit limited.

    One HUGE problem I have, with the MC fhg's is simply that if I was to post on a blog, I cannot just copy and past a pic from the fhg to my blog. Sure, I could log in and spend 30 mins looking for the downloadable pic sets, and upzip them, but, I am not going to spend my time doing that.

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  • Something else MC should consider, is hosted and downloadable vid clips.

    These days a lot of people have tube sites. 

    And many affiliate stems allow you do upload vids to the tube site. They are hosted by the affiliate site, and embedded on the persons tube site.

    They also provide clips to download and host yourself on your tube site.

    I think this option would be handy for MC to put in place.

    People could edit there own clips, then put them in a folder, and webmasters can use these to promote the site.

    My site for webmasters:

  • first for the above, you do not need to keep updating info to get the url for the FHG, with my affiliate program, you can either check updates on centroprofits and the mc updates or, you can check out my blog for surfers and affiliates and then you just add your affiliate code to the FHG url you want to use...

    Check out & my paysite for high quality video and photo daily updates :)
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