Tags in blog posts appear clickable but aren't?

I just reported this as a bug but was told that this feature simply has not been finished yet, so I thought I'd put it here. 

Basically the situation currently is this: in a photoset, video page or a store items, clicking on a tag (ex: "dildo") brings up a new page with search results for all of the photosets/videos/store items that have this tag. This is great and very useful for members to browse the topics/themes that they like best!

Unfortunately the only place where this does not work is in the blog section. We are currently able to tag articles, and they do show up on a blog post's page just below the date. But they are not clickable. They look clickable (cursor becomes a pointing hand like a regular link on mouse over) but nothing happens when clicked. Having it lead to a search result page for that tag like everywhere else on the site would be really great!

Thanks and Merry Christmas!



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