Feature Friday -- 4/20 Edition!

Show 'em how you roll!

Tomorrow is 4/20, and if you're well-versed in cannabis culture you know that it's basically Stoner's Christmas--so why not celebrate by lighting up your fans with a live weed show? It's a great way to interact with your current fanbase, draw in new subscribers, and have a ton of fun. Don't forget to announce it on your socials to entice your followers to sign up for your site. 

Not into wake n' bake? No worries! Any live show is a special event for your fans, so get creative and start shooting something you love to do. If you film it, they will come!


  • heya centro team. Im a stoner, i have been smoking longer than MC even exists. LMAO! 
    Do my best creative fansub and social media management when high AF. Giggle! 

     so im late for the topic, stoner advantage but im gona troll anyway!

    Here is my truth trolling:
    4/20 or 4:20 never had and never will have anything to do with weed culture. 
    The whole, "420, time most stoners get stoned thingy"  is just a mass media nonsense from the 90s!
    urban myth perpetuated over and over again. FALSE NEWS the kiddies call it now days.

    The Original and True meaning of 4/20 is Hitler's Birthday what again links it to weed culture cus he forced german/austrian agriculture to produce Hemp for industrial purposes.

    Flies away leaving a cloud of sweet smelling smoke!
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