GET THAT LAMBO!!! Introducing the Influencer Referral Program!

Do you have a friend who would KILL it in the FC Tribe? Now's the time to get them on board, because we've come up with a kickass way for you to rack up the gold.

                        The Influencer Referral Program! 

Here's how it works:

1. Join the Lambo Giveaway in your FanCentro admin panel. 

2. Grab your referral link. (You can find it under Option 3 here:

3. Post the on your socials, email it to friends, and let everyone know you've got a money-making, car-winning opportunity they've GOT to check out.

4. If they sign up via your link, whenever they earn $69, YOU earn a Golden Ticket! NO LIMITS! As long as they're earning, so are you!

This is a great way to help boost your ticket collection, so get in on it. Totally free, nothing to lose, and tons to gain!


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