Sidebar Popup Fancentro/

Can you please remove this? It's literally just super annoying and getting in the way when I am trying to upload videos all day. Or at least give us the option to look at it, acknowledge that we saw it and close it (with the option of never having it show back up again)?


  • Hi NikkoJordan,

    You can click on those sidebars to minimize them:

  • Yes but they keep popping back up. Every time I do another task in the admin area of modelcentroe it pops back up and is super annoying!
  • edited March 2019
    See here is the popup and sure I can minimize it, but it comes back constantly when I toggle between pages while I am working on stuff with my site. Like I said it would be great if we could have the option of seeing it, acknowledging that we saw the information and close it completely!
  • Hi Nikko! Let me check and see if there is a better option to help you out.
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